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Most Popular Online Games and Shooter Games

Online Games

Shooting Games

Gaming industry has increased substantially over the years. Whether it’s gaming on consoles or on your PC, everybody is addicted to one or two games. However, one may find it difficult to find quality online games and shooting games. Shooting games, especially First Person Shooter (FPS) games, have become one of the most popular games amongst different genres. Teenagers and young adults become practically addicted to them and can’t get enough of it. The evolution of playing games online with other gamers is the major factor for the increased number of time spent by people on gaming on a daily basis. Games belonging to other genres are also becoming popular due to their multiplayer ability. Online games have allowed gamers to showcase their skills and find competition.

Here is the list of popular online games and shooting games:-

1.    Counter Strike

One of the most popular FPS games, and possibly the father of online gaming. The number of online gamers on counter strike is still up to date astonishingly high, considering the fact that it was released in 2000. Initially Counter Strike was merely an add-on version of the game Half Life and even the creators did not think that this game will become so popular. Counter Strike gamers have become skillful due to the amount they spend on the game. Hence, if you are new to gaming then it is advisable to go through the single player mode first and develop your skills.

2.    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Another popular FPS game, which is popular amongst many because of its availability as it is free. Based on World War II, this game was released in 2003 and is famous for its mission objectives. In Wolfenstein players have to interact with each other by chatting on a consistent basis to complete objectives. This game requires more strategy than Counter Strike, and offers more game modes.

3.    The Sims

A very popular online games where you get to simulate lives of virtual people. The Sims was released in 2000 and since has had 7 add-ons, including sequels The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. The success of Sims has been due to the record number of people that play it online. The Sims is also the best selling PC game in history with over 16 million sales. The Sims 2 is second with 13 million sales. The popularity of the game does raise curiosity for new gamers on the reason for its success.

4.    World of Warcraft

The most popular game today, and holds the record for the number of players that play it online, has over 12 million gamers, who spend substantial amount of time on the game. WoW is referred as Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORG), and has a huge map probably the largest there has ever been. The objective of the game is to create an avatar and increase its abilities by completing objectives, missions, exploring the world etc. The things you can do in this game are limitless and that is why many spent hours on it.

These were some of the popular online games and shooting games. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or are new to gaming these games are definitely worth the look.

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