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Biggest Gaming Event in Europe Gamescom Expect 300,000 fans


This week the biggest gaming event will be hosted in Germany. In Cologne more than 300,000 gamers are expected.

For Xbox it was not easy year since this console was beaten by PlayStation 4. The recent conference of Microsoft gaming console gave some positive expectations for the future of Xbox.

Some new games, according to their announcements, will be released soon. Crackdown is probably the first and the most expected game that will be available on Xbox console. The original Xbox game was not very successful and developers trying to make a big progress in open world shooter.

New game Scalebound could be announced on the upcoming event too. At the moment we do not know much about this game, last year developers released game trailer and that is all. The idea belongs to the creators of Bayonetta – RPG niche. So we are waiting for release date.

Xbox bosses hope that new games and other events will encourage gamers to choose Xbox over PlayStation 4.

Speaking about Playstation 4, we are not expecting to see big announcements in Germany. Sony’s console will release big games in October. Some analytics of game world say that it is not a good move because it gives Xbox a free hit at the publicy.

According to the rumours, Sony can reveal a God of War 4 trailer at Gamescom.

Gamers can try for the first time Metal Gear Solid 5 and Dark Souls 3 among other games. Dark Souls franchise is expected to be a pretty huge. Metal Gear Solid 5 is taking an open world environment for the first time.


Bizzard, the developers of World of Warcraft, will announce a new expansion for the game. According to the recent statistics, the number of people who play multiplayer online games is decreasing so this is a good opportunity to make it more popular again.

More Insight on Resident Evil Revelations

New updates regarding Resident Evil Revelations have been put on the Japanese official site of Resident Evil Revelations which shows some latest details which would increase the Resident Evil fans appetite. As it was told before that the new game will be based on old classic style and the developer Capcom really means it.
You will find this Resident Evil a little bit low in terms of action but less action does not mean removing the basic gameplay mechanics. All the combat features, martial arts and daggers, it is all there along with it is the emergency evasion which allows to dodge the enemies assaults by responding to the perfect timing, just like in Resident Evil 3. Besides dodging you can also perform a counter attack, with the help of counter attack you can knock your enemies down and shoot and kill them while they are knocked down. 3DS touch screen will be fully utilized to make the gameplay more profound including solving puzzles and all.
As far as the story board goes, there is nothing much yet but the story of Resident Evil Revelations is divided into intervals and in the beginning of each chapter a video review will be shown that will revise the events that had happened so far, similar to Alen Wake. Updates also include a character named as Rachel with a little injury in her arm. Her outfit bears the resembles to that of Jill, a wetsuit and she appears to be a special forces agent as suggested by the website.

RuneScape unveils NEW Clan Support update

Cambridge, UK – Tuesday 12th April 2011 – Jagex Games Studio, developer of RuneScape, the world’s most popular free-to-play MMORPG, today announced the much anticipated in-game update to RuneScape’s Clan system.
This update gives clans a real presence in the game, offering new tools to help players organise and administer their clans, as well as ways to advertise their clans and show allegiance to them in RuneScape.

The Clan update will include the following features:
– In-game Clan Support – For the first time players will now be able to create clans in-game and recruit new clanmates, assigning ranks and job titles to their members.
– Additional Clan Chat Channels – This update includes two new chat channels for players: the current ‘Clan Chat’ system remains as it is, although it will be renamed ‘Friends Chat’. The new channel will offer a unique system for players to communicate with fellow clan members (and access to chat on another clan’s chat channel as a guest). Players will even be able to keep track of communication in all three channels at the same time.
– Clan Camp – Clan members now have access to a new area on the RuneScape map which will  serve as a hub for clans to socialise, recruit and plan. The Clan Camp is the starting point for all the new features and includes everything players need to start a clan, meet with their clan, recruit new members and plan their next adventure.
– Greater Customisations of Clans – Players will now be able to customise their clan with clan mottos, motifs and colours.  These will be reflected in clan capes and a new item called the vexillum.  The vexillum can be stood in the ground at events to mark that clan’s territory.  It can also be inspected to allow others to access essential clan information.
– Clan Web Pages – Each clan will be give a personalised web page which will play host to a list of all clan members, high scores, stats and  information about their clan. The clan web pages will also host public and private clan specific forums.
– Rated Clan Wars – Rated Clan Wars, the new clan-specific gameplay content, is a redesigned version of the popular Clan Wars activity, allowing clans to challenge other clans to battle and be rated based on the outcome.
All of the features above will be available for the entire RuneScape community from today.
To enjoy this update or start a clan of your own, head over to

Teens’ exposure to violent images is bad for their aggressivity levels

teens fighting

A recent research from The National Institutes of Health revealed that violent images from movies or video games boost teens’ aggression. The study was conducted on 22 boys aged 14-17 and already the US results are put under doubt by a  UK expert which considers that a lab research cannot reveal the reasons behind violence while those are too complex to be understood, at least for now.

This debate lasts for decades and various studies suggest that violent images, whether from video games or TV, have a major effect on how the brain processes emotional responses.

The study, as said above, was conducted on 22 boys and involved using 60 violent scenes from different videos. There weren’t any extreme violence scene only low to moderate ones, and each boy had to rate each video according to how violent it was in their opinion. While rating it, their brains were scanned using magnetic resonance imaging to show which parts of the brain are active. As time went on, an area of the brain related to emotional processing showed less activity with each picture that passed on. Professor David Buckingham said this shows that teens develope a tolerance to this kind of images, or simple said, boredom.

On the other hand, Dr. Grafman from The National Institutes of Health said this tolerance to violence migh in fact mean more violent reactions from the person watching violent images/videos and this is a social problem that can grow in time. This is a debate that first started in the 19th Century and it seems it will be alive many years from now on while the reasons behind aggresivity and violence are more too complex to be understood in a laboratory.

50% of UK’s gamers are women

half UK gamers are women

Whenever somebody hears the word « computer games » the picture that comes in his mind is a 12-16 years old boy obsessed with noisy and coloured video games, spending lots of hours in front of his computer or Xbox.

However, not all gamers are like that. Lately, we hear complaints from youngsters that literally do not have room in front of their computers because of their, well, mothers playing Mahjong, Zuma or other video game that attract women more than men. The demographics of games’ players have changed lately, and it seems that now 50% of Britain’s video games players are women.

Although they recognise their attraction to more peaceful games that promote collaboration rather than competitions (like Facebook’s Farmville), the numbers of women playing violent games seems to also increase daily. From Need for Speed to FPS games, women kinda play its all. We might think that they are using games as great methods for relaxation, when stress comes into play, however this would be available for a 15-30 minutes round of gaming, thus there are both women and men spending tens of hours in front of a catchy game.

Contrary to men, women do not like to admit they like playing video games, though the ones that  admit it say it is only a distressful method for 10-30 minutes/day. 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours, the amount of time spent in front of a video games is not really that important, what is important though is that the ratio of women playing computer games increases day by day, and, as we were saying above, it reached somewhere around 50% of UK’s gamers. That is a really impressive percentage, right ?

RuneScape Champions Challenge

A new challenge awaits worthy adventurers at the Champions’ Guild!


A new challenge awaits worthy adventurers at the Champions’ Guild! It doesn’t matter if you have never seen a champion scroll in your life or have defeated all of them already, there will be something for you. The leprechaun champion is taking on all-comers – there’s no need to find a challenge scroll to fight this little pugilist. Just head on over to the Champions’ Guild and prepare yourself for some ‘no items’ fisticuffs.

Also, three new races have just joined the guild. If you prove yourself to be their enemy, one of them might just drop a scroll challenging you to a duel with their champion, so keep an eye out when battling monsters! Meanwhile, Glophren, the gnome champions of champions, is waiting for the worthiest of adventurers so he can finally issue his challenge. Will you be one of them?

New Hairstyles


What with the days getting shorter and colder, we thought we’d brighten things up with some new hairstyles! The much requested ‘mullet’ haircut is now available, as well as a few variants on existing styles including Mohawk shaved, Punk, Samurai, Alice band, Asymmetric fringe, and Page boy.

Nokia will say farewell to the N-Gage in 2010

ngageLaunched in mid 2008, mobile gaming platform from Nokia N-Gage will have a very short life. Nokia has just announced that N-Gage Arena and will not be operational in late 2010, N-Gage games are available until September 2010.
Nokia is launching action motivated by applications Ovi Store online portal that sells both a wide range of games, songs or updated maps.
From this day forward will not be launched under the brand Nokia phones that come equipped with N-Gage, besides phone models already announced that its expected release date.
Most handseturilor Nokia S60 and S40 will be preinstalled Ovi Store. Nokia is currently working to develop Ovi Store in order to compensate for the forthcoming closure of the N-Gage.