Cheating is something that has been around for years and will be around for a long time to come. There have been groups formed to develop software to keep cheaters out of some of the more popular games. One of the most popular companies is “Punkbusters”. However, some people cheat on offline gaming as well but this doesn’t cause problems since there is no one to be offended except for non-player characters, and of course, they don’t know the difference and will not complain.

Once a person has played a game and sucsessfully completed the game, it’s not much of a challenge anymore so many gamers enable the cheats such as: God Mode, Infinate Ammo, Weapons Cheat, Armor Cheat, et cetera. This however enahances a gamers experience in the game and in turn, feels like a brand new game to him instead of buying another game. There isn’t anything wrong with this form of cheating in our opinion and is equally fun to enable the cheats to play around with new weapons.

Now that we have talked about cheating in First Person Shooters, we will now go into cheating while playing MMORPG’s or Mass Multi Online Role Playing Games. A MMORPG is a game where there are mass amounts of people online at the same time, playing side-by-side or in other realms or worlds. Cheating while playing most MMORPG’s is frowned upon by many of the serious gamers. These games usually cost money to play monthly, so the players expect the developer to stay on top of things to keep the cheaters out.

If you have been around computers long, you know that the people that make cheating programs or “hacks” will always remain one step ahead of the gaming developers. This means that most likely, you will run into a cheater in every game you play. Sometimes, you may expect someone is cheating, but you have actually found someone that does nothing but spend time on the game and is a very skilled player. But usually, if you suspect someone is cheating and things are out of the normal, they are probably cheating.

Using hacks for the person cheating is somehow gratifying to them and they are the types of people that need to be in control all of the time or they need attention. Most of them are younger aged teenagers that have had a bad experience in the game, or a game and feel the need to ruin the game experience for everyone else. For example, someone is kicked from a guild after an argument. This person is likely to take revenge, download a hack and come back as another character to make the game worse for his other clanmates or guild mates. Many times, a player has been beaten over and over and just doesn’t have the skill or coordination to beat other players, so they turn to cheats. There are many reasons people like to cheat. Not all of them are good, but not all of them are bad either.