Join The Fun at Gamers Dating has been pondering the idea of opening a poll to research the fact that some men rather play video games instead of going out on a date with a female, having sex with their girlfriend or going to a club to scope out the local girls. Believe it or not, approximately 75% of males that actively play video games would rather stay at home and game with friends or “guildies” (online gaming lingo for a clan or group of friends).
Some of the males that would rather stay at home and play video games are usually shy, insecure or just don’t have an interest in dating. This is not to say that the ones that have no interest in females are gay, just that they haven’t really had a good experience with a female, so they choose to just stay away and play games. They believe that they are safe within their game, strong, powerful and can control what actually goes on in a game, whereas in real life dating, they have no control over it and they do not like the female being in control.
Many males get into gaming before they have an interest in girls, so while the gaming has captured their attention at an early age, it is then harder for a girl to come between the gaming relationships. However, some guys can, and do, maintain a steady relationship with their girlfriends and manage to fit gaming in. Many guys would rather stay at home instead of go out with their girlfriends and her friends, just to keep away from the so called “drama” that girls seem to cause when they all get together.
So, what would like to propose to you is for you to find a girlfriend at school or other social event. . Online is a great place for the shy gamers to find a new girl due to the fact that you will not have to actually face the girl and can make it easier to get a relationship started. The first step is to make sure she is “gaming material”. You don’t want one of those girls that have no idea on how to cut her computer on. The next step would be to introduce her to a game that you play. No matter if it’s an online or offline game, you can still chat while playing the same game and really build a relationship.
If you already have a steady girlfriend and want to introduce her into the gaming scene, take it really slow. Find a game that’s not too loud, not too difficult and not too bloody or violent. That would be a instant turn-off for her. Find a game that has both, male and female characters, so that she can play that tough-girl character and make her character as sexy as she is, or as sexy as she wants to be in the gaming world. Sit with her and help her start her character, or just simply learn the game if your game doesn’t allow the building of characters. Sit by her side, without playing your game of course, and help her. Once she gets used to it, you can begin to play along with her if your console allows. We would like to mention that one of the most popular console games for girls is basically anything for the Nintendo Wii and Guitar Hero. Girls absolutely love these! Good luck and we hope to hear about your gaming girlfriend in the future. If you’re still not into girls after trying our suggestion, good luck in gaming land!