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Pros and cons of the Tomb Raider slots game

The Tomb Raider series has to rank as one of the best-known and most successful video game franchises in the history of this sector, spawning not only two successful Hollywood movie adaptations, but also an online slot game. In recognition of the pop-cultural power of...

Reviews for London 2012 Video Game

The reviews are in for the new video game London 2012 and it seems like overall, players have some unique fun to look forward to, but many feel the game lacks in various departments. Video game reviewers have given positive and negative feedback for the game that...

5 Technologies On The Verge of Extinction

We’re a fickle bunch, us Homo sapiens. We love our gadgets, picking up any new toy that drifts into our path, incredulous that we ever lived without it. Then, before too long, something else comes along. Something better, more compact, more efficient, and it renders...

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