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50% of UK’s gamers are women

Whenever somebody hears the word « computer games » the picture that comes in his mind is a 12-16 years old boy obsessed with noisy and coloured video games, spending lots of hours in front of his computer or Xbox. However, not all gamers are like that. Lately, we...

The Curfew, an adventure game promoting freedom

Channel 4 is preparing to launch an adventure game with a spice of political thriller theme of trust on July 28th, this year. The Curfew is written by a Marvel writer – Kieron Gillen – and designed by the well-known agency LittleLoud and it is a browser-based game for...

Milo, the virtual human, presented in Oxford

Microsoft’s virtual human Milo was first presented in 2009 at L.A. E3 Expo and it was designed for use with Xbox 360’s Kinect. Milo was created by an UK games designer, Peter Molyneux, and can react to different body movements or people emotion. Although it is just a...

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