Previously you could plug in an Xbox 360’s controller into the PlayStaion 3 and play with the help of few adapters or use the PlayStaion 3’s controller on Xbox 360 but now a new controller is released that replicates the design of one console’s pad but works on the other.

Speedlink has come up with a controller that has an Xbox 360’s pad design but is compatible with PlayStaion 3 and not with Xbox 360. They did so by putting the layout of Xbox 360’s controller onto the PlayStation 3’s pad.

It is not the design or layout that has only been copied but the name looks pretty much familiar too as it is named as the XEOX and it will be released this October. There are few more things that look pretty much to that of Microsoft’s, such as instead of the PlayStation key in the middle of the controller you will see a green ring pretty much parallel to that of Xbox’s controller. But this design is already out on PC as it has become a standard design in pads. The only thing that is different from Xbox’s controller is the icons on buttons which are of PlayStation as circle, cross, square and triangle.

It is now upto people either they like it or dislike it. As for me I like it because I loved the Dreamcast controller’s look, it felt smoothly gripped in hands, Xbox 360’s controller is pretty much of the same design in almost all the aspects.