Buddhist monk Karmapa Lama thinks video games are good for treating aggression. He plays Killzone 2 and he seems to be big fan of the video games. He must have found the ways to treat the inner aggression with the game. His views are reported by the news and media and doing the rounds these days. Monk may think it in lighter terms but the experts do not agree with him. Violent games can never treat anyone. If you are looking for the video games you must find the games which have been created for spreading the peace and solidarity. Unfortunately such games are very limited in number. You will not be able to find many such games and even if you find the games, it would be an uphill task to motivate a teenager to play it for longer time. Such games do not have good market and no game publisher will wish to invest in the products which are not going to sell. Most of the games in the market promote the competition or get ahead attitude.

It is very difficult to predict if someone really got treated by the popular video games. Not long before in the past, games like DOOM created addiction to play the game more. DOOM was an example of addiction to the game and many players created their own realm of the world. The trouble with immersive games is that many players find difficult to come out of that virtual world. Lama must share some of his thought on detailing the treatment and if he does so, it would be great help to many. An average player forgets about his important tasks and thousands of the students score poor grades in the examinations due to investing much of their time into the video games. If Lama has good ideas, it would need lengthy elaboration to be of use to others. For example, green movement is the buzz word these days but you will not find many games which promote the ideas of green revolution.