The question of what a woman really wants has been explore in many plays, articles, stories and even in Hollywood blockbuster film staring Mel Gibson. For some reason, the question of what a man really want does not get asked much. If that question is asked off men of today, the answer will be different from answers given by men or say a generation ago.

The same will be true for Women if the question of what a Woman really wants is posed to Women of a generation or a few generations apart. In the olden days, Women are know to warn their young daughters to be wary of men showing them too much interest, they tend to round off such talks with something along the line of “there is only one thing a Man wants from you” referring to men just wanting to bed a girl.

Though things has moved on a bit, mother are more likely to warn their daughters to use condom when having sex rather than ask them not to have sex at all. This bring us back to the question of what a man rally wants. Perhaps the answer to this question will depend on the generation of men the question is aimed at. Men of a few generation ago probably just want to have sex but things seem to be very different now.

A survey by Playstation comparison site PS3 price compare which post the question now online “what do men of now a days really want” seem to end up with an answer similar to “we just want to be left a lone to play with our video games”.  PS3 Compare concluded that 72% of men prefer computer games to having sex. I think its now completely safe for mothers of young ladies to review that age old saying that “only thing a man want from you is sex” because that is not longer the case judging from the result of PS3 Compare survey.

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