Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Pushed Back

It has been rumored that Final Fantasy 15 may have been pushed back two months, it seems to be true.



Final Fantasy 15 was awarded a release date back in March, apparently setting an end date for a wait of ten years. But those of you who have booked leave from September 30 may want to see if your boss is willing to be flexible, because it sure looks like the RPG won’t make it.

Rumours began to circulate this weekend that Final Fantasy 15 has been pushed back to November 29 on PS4 and Xbox One.

If true, the delay is likely to be difficult and expensive for Square Enix; publishers have to negotiate with retailers for shelf space, and that is a more involved process than you probably realize. It’s also a little bit embarrassing, owing to how highly its (Final Fantasy XV) publishers has announced its release date to be  September 30.

But it is quite better we see Final Fantasy 15 delayed and wait for a well packaged and awesome game rather  than get anything lesser than the best from this game since we have been waiting for too long.


Sony May Release A PS4 Slim As Well As The PS4 Neo In Sept

Sony has just confirmed that the PlayStation Neo and the PS4 Slim will be the last of the “upgrades” for the PlayStation 4, signaling the could be the end of the console’s cycle.


A PS4 Slim is on the cards despite the forthcoming PS4 Neo, according to financial chatter.

The rumour comes the said consoles are to be revealed at a game show in september.

Sony did not comment on the news, and the report does not make it clear whether it was just speculations or legit informations.

A September reveal seems likely, both for PS4 Neo and any PS4 Slim revision Sony may be planning.

Everyone’s getting pretty excited anyway, because it makes a fair bit of sense: a PS4 Slim makes sense as an answer to the Xbox One Slim. With its expanded capabilities,PS4 Neo is closer in philosophy (if not power) to the Xbox Scorpio.


9 Things to Keep in Mind When Finding the Right Online Casino

Back Camera

Online casinos continue to rise in popularity. Players have many options when considering games, jackpots and online gambling options. If you are looking for options related to getting started without making a deposit you can see a prime example when you click here for no deposit casino. Whether you are new to the concept of online gambling or you want to learn more about options that let you gamble for free as a new member, here are 9 things to keep in mind when learning about online casino gaming options right for your interests.

  1. You can play casino games anytime you want from the comfort of your own computer or mobile device. Any option you are considering should be something that offers not only fun, but convenience and ease of being able to play from different options. There are reputable websites offering great options for casino games that allow you to access content from your mobile device, laptop or computer. They make it easy for players to enjoy casino gaming entertainment at any time with quality.
  2. The ability to win jackpots of any amount. Players who enjoy gambling options through the betting market know how important it is to have options. Meaning, you shouldn’t be limited to the amount of money you want to win.       There are gaming sites with different games offering different jackpot amounts. When you have options you can win an unlimited amount and choose which prize amounts to go after based on your goals.
  3. Free perks and bonuses that could increase jackpot potential. Look for sites that not only encourage new people to play but keep things interesting for players’ altogether. There are sites offering all sorts of incentives to keep players interested. Review these options and consider options that offer ongoing benefits to encourage you to keep player or maintain membership.
  4. Play with better odds. There are sites offering a wide selection of games and many offer better odds than casino games you visit in person.       This also gives you a chance to play games with better odds you may not have had a chance to play at a real casino. Many online options are based on games played at casinos in person. This means you can learn more about how these games are played and play on your own time. When there are better odds this means you are more likely to win more often or win more money. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?
  5. Different play options. There are dozens of options provided by reputable online casinos. For some players they test their skills and knowledge by playing online before trying to play something similar at the casino in person. With more options you learn about your play interests, find options you are likely to win, and play those that offer real winnings instead of small payouts. Most people who play want to be able to get a return on what they paid out, even if they are playing with money given by the online casino as part of a special offer.
  6. Free trial offers. A large number of online casinos offer free trial offers. This means you can give their site a test drive and learn about what they have to offer. Learn about their selection of games and get an idea of costs related to play them. Even if the site is a no deposit casino or an option that will give you money to play, you may grow to enjoy games you need to invest in later and work toward winning jackpots offered. The concept of free trial offers is pretty common among online gaming sites.
  7. It is easy to make deposits. After the free trial period with no deposit casino options you may be interested in placing bets with your own money. You can do this easily and discreetly with the use of credit card or other personal financial account. When you are at a casino some deal with scrutiny from other players looking on when people place bets over and over. You can play with your money without dirty looks, smirks, and eye rolls from others. Plus, when you win reputable online play options make it easy for you to obtain your winnings.
  8. Privacy and remaining confidential. Many online gaming sites provide secure connections to keep personal information confidential. At the same time you can play in privacy without others knowing. You can choose which device you want to play your favorite games and your connections remain private. This is an important concern you shouldn’t have to worry about especially when using personal or sensitive data such as credit card, financial accounts or other related data.
  9. Good support. A reputable online casino will offer different types of support players will benefit from. If you are new to playing different games the site should have some type of tutorial or instruction detail to give insight on how to play that game. You should also be able to contact someone when experiencing a problem or when you have a question or concern.

Biggest Gaming Event in Europe Gamescom Expect 300,000 fans


This week the biggest gaming event will be hosted in Germany. In Cologne more than 300,000 gamers are expected.

For Xbox it was not easy year since this console was beaten by PlayStation 4. The recent conference of Microsoft gaming console gave some positive expectations for the future of Xbox.

Some new games, according to their announcements, will be released soon. Crackdown is probably the first and the most expected game that will be available on Xbox console. The original Xbox game was not very successful and developers trying to make a big progress in open world shooter.

New game Scalebound could be announced on the upcoming event too. At the moment we do not know much about this game, last year developers released game trailer and that is all. The idea belongs to the creators of Bayonetta – RPG niche. So we are waiting for release date.

Xbox bosses hope that new games and other events will encourage gamers to choose Xbox over PlayStation 4.

Speaking about Playstation 4, we are not expecting to see big announcements in Germany. Sony’s console will release big games in October. Some analytics of game world say that it is not a good move because it gives Xbox a free hit at the publicy.

According to the rumours, Sony can reveal a God of War 4 trailer at Gamescom.

Gamers can try for the first time Metal Gear Solid 5 and Dark Souls 3 among other games. Dark Souls franchise is expected to be a pretty huge. Metal Gear Solid 5 is taking an open world environment for the first time.


Bizzard, the developers of World of Warcraft, will announce a new expansion for the game. According to the recent statistics, the number of people who play multiplayer online games is decreasing so this is a good opportunity to make it more popular again.

Las Vegas Slot Machines will Look Like Video Games to Attract Millenials


Slot machines are without a doubt the most popular and profitable games in the casino industry, both for online and land-based businesses. A casino executive was quoted once saying that when a new casino opens in Las Vegas people can hardly wait for the gates to finally open, and they assault the slot machines at once. But these times are gone today, at least for new generations. Slot machines are perfect casino games for the great online, which is best shown by the uninterrupted success of euro palace casino games. They are also perfect for female players aged 50 and above – at least statistics have shown that this category of players use slot machines in Vegas casinos the most. But when it comes to younger visitors, they prefer table games with a bit of skill needed – like blackjack – or they prefer not to gamble at all. And this can lead to a serious reduction of casino’s profits. Especially because the generation that plays the slots is slowly dying out, replaced by younger people.

According to recent statistics, people aged 21 to 35 don’t go to Las Vegas to gamble. They are much more attracted to the night life of the Sin City, its entertainment venues, concerts and other amenities, and only about a third of them visits the casinos themselves, even when lodged in a casino resort. Thus, Las Vegas executives have looked for solutions to attract more of the young players to casinos – and the solution they found will fundamentally change the way slot machines look and feel.

According to casino game innovators, the age group that wishes to play the slots has grown up without the home entertainment overload youngsters live today. They had a TV set and a radio, but no consoles, computers, smartphones or similar things around them. But younger players who are avid gamers at home, playing Call of Duty and Halo, are not attracted to a game where they only have to push a button and wait for a set of reels to stop. Not even the possibility of big wins attracts them to slot machines. So, as there is no other way to change how they look at the slots, the slots will have to change.

This year has brought a major change in the legislation applying to the over 150,000 slot machines in Las Vegas. Under the new law these won’t be restricted to an existence of a pure game of chance, but developers will be allowed to introduce skill based elements into them starting this year. The slots floor in casinos will also change its face, becoming something similar to a club, possibly with bars and DJs. While the games themselves will become much more than just games of chance – a new, entertaining and exciting way to win money, both by the casino and the player.

The Amazing Diversity of Video Slot Machines

The Amazing Diversity of Video Slot Machines

When Charles Fey, the ingenious San Francisco mechanic invented the slot machine over a century ago he didn’t know he has spawned a whole new – lucrative and entertaining – branch of the casino industry. Fey’s invention was ingenious, yet simple, and made gambling very easy. It didn’t need a dealer, it didn’t need assistance to make a payment, and it didn’t take up much space – as opposed to blackjack and roulette tables, popular at the time, that needed all of the above. But Fey would be even more amazed to see what his invention has become today – a game that makes millionaires every week and never ceases to entertain its fans.

Online slots are the games you should be playing at – or any other casino – not necessarily for money, but for entertainment. Slots are the games that are available for no money, play money and real money. They are very simple to use – they have not changed much since the first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, was built. Yet their variety has grown incredibly in the last few decades, making them not just one of the most popular, but also the most diversified games in existence.

The first major step toward the slot machine becoming what it is today was the building of the first video slot back in the mid-1970s. When the physical reels were replaced by simulated ones on a screen a whole new world has opened in front of developers. Since then they could add animations, side games, music and any sound effect they wanted to the game, making it even more entertaining – and let’s face it, even more addictive. Today there are thousands of slot machine variants available both in land-based casinos and online ones. Sometimes the two worlds mingle – the same games are running on video slot machine cabinets in Las Vegas and on people’s PCs, laptops or smartphones through online casinos.

But the thing that made modern slot machines the most popular was the promise of a huge win – a jackpot. Jackpots have been use as incentives to play the slots for decades, but the possibility to connect more slot machines into a network – on a casino floor or across a series of online casino operations – has given the jackpot a new life. Jackpots are bonus amounts which grow with each spin on the game. Now imagine hundreds of slot machines all over America – or all over the world in case of online casinos – interconnected in a huge network, each spin contributing to a dream jackpot! It is the stuff of dreams – and it can turn a life around if won! No wonder slot machines are so popular – they are exciting, entertaining, and they can make you richer than you could ever imagine…

Leading Game Bloggers, Developers And Just Gamers On What They Like Most About Their Job

Gaming niche is very popular worldwide and we decided to make some expert roundup with different members of this niche. We had conversations with some popular gamers, game developers and game bloggers to tell you what each of them like most about games.



Armin Ibrisagic

I work as a PR Manager so I get to travel a lot to events and expos. which means I get to meet other friendly developers that share my passion for video games. I think that’s by far the best thing about being in the games industry. Not sure what more to say, I just really like video games, playing video games, and talking about video games. The fact that I can survive and pay my rent while doing it is even better.



Debbie Timmins

The variety of games that I get to see is simply incredible. I’ve played so many games that I wouldn’t normally risk buying and discovered some brilliant ones that I get to share with other gamers. I love analysing games to look at WHY they achieve what they do. Blogging lets me reach other people who enjoy doing the same.



Tim Oliver

The thing I like the most is the feedback. People like to reply back saying that after they read your blog, they were encouraged to try out what you were talking about, and were happy they did in the end. It lets you know your blog is actually out there, helping people, and it’s quite rewarding.



Emma Barnes

I run as a hobby rather than as a job which suits me just fine. I get to write about what I love without having to worry too much about “being professional”. I’m not a news blogger so don’t have to keeping my finger on the pulse of the industry. My readers like their little dose of the “retro” (are PS2 and GBA considered “retro” these days?!) in their lives and I’m happy to supply it. Being a games blogger allows me to look back at the great memories games have created for me (hence the title of my blog) and allows me to improve my writing style at the same time.



Chris Renshall

This is a two section answer.

Game Development Side:

The best part of being a game developer is the creative outlet game development provides. I have spent many years of my life looking for a hobby that I could get into and stick with for more than a month or two. It took me a while, but I found game design and I love it. Developing games makes perfect sense to the way my brain works. Game development is an art form that my analytical brain can grab a hold of and make a style of art that is something I am really proud of and want show to as many people who are willing to play our games. Game development, beyond the art form, is project management where I/we get to set all the rules. Yes, I am constrained by the production time for art, the physical game copies and the availability of play testers but I have the freedom to run multiple projects at one time, and work with multiple people. To me, the project management side of game development is a game. The game is to be as efficient as possible and to me that is fun. Lastly, I get to spend a lot of time with my friends because of game development. I co-design with a friend from my school days and we get to hang out and build our company into whatever we want it to be. Our strengths compliment each other very well and being able to work with someone with the same basic business goals and a skill set complimentary to mine is very rewarding. Plus, we get to bring our larger group of friends together to run alpha tests on our games. Since these are the guys that have been making fun of one another since we were in middle school, they can say whatever they want about the early problems with our games and there are no hard feelings and we know the feedback is genuine because our friends don’t feel bad for giving bad feedback the same way strangers are reluctant to vocalize. We also know that the good feedback we receive is coming from a reliable source that is willing to give criticism and praise.

Game Blogging Side:

When I started our blog, what I liked best was the fact that the act of writing a regular blog kept me on task with our own games. The idea that I wanted to write regular updates on our games meant that I needed to have something to write about. Writing a blog also forced me to focus more when we were working on our games because the more useful “bloggable material” I was able to extract from the times we were actually developing games, the more I had to write about. So initially, the best part was the unexpected focus writing a regular blog provided and being able to share the progress of our games.

Then I started to write a series about How to Build a Game and what I liked the most changed. I discovered that people actually got something out of our H2BaG blog posts. Based on comments and other forms of feedback, I started to get really excited when I would hear from readers and what they liked about our blog. What this has done is change my focus from getting motivation from sharing my projects, to being motivated to help others with theirs. Because of this, I have worked regular time into my week to get blog posts done and generate future ideas so I have plenty of material to write about in the future.

In conclusion, something I did not mention previously, is the social interaction both the development and blogging side provide. Being a game developer means you need to build a team and meeting new and talented people in the game industry is great fun. Being a blogger, you get to meet people who are on the same journey we are on. We share stories of accomplishment and challenges of the design process. The rewards from meeting new people on either the blogger or development side are plentiful and inspiring.



Lisa Hignett

My favourite aspect of being a game developer has to be the process of filtering many individual ideas and concepts for a game until they come together into fruition. Working with a team in an independent game company is so rewarding as everybody always has a unique idea on how a game should be developed; yet not all of them are necessarily worth executing. Good communication and great team morale are essential to narrow down the best ideas to develop an original title. You can spend many hours working on a game but only the titles with the most unique, risky ideas are memorable!



Beard Gamer

Essentially, BeardGamer intends to bring new fans to the hobby, and help them find new content and discover the work, reviews and videos of some incredible content creators across the globe. We wanted to build a place, a hub, where they could find a collection of great industry and player content with a comprehensive search function for hundreds of games linked to reviews, playthroughs and everything in between. I love games and this community, I just want to share that content and grow the boardgaming love and industry!


Razay Martin

I am the founder/owner of alienwolfstudios ,i am also a 3d artist. I love what i do because it allows me to explore my creative itch and im able to create anything i can put my mind to. Also because i can find others who love our games and see our artistic views. Its a pleasure to be in this business i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world.


Of course most people involved in this niche love games and that is the main reason why do they blog about games, develop games and play games.

If you are working in this niche and would like to be included too then contact us and we will include you.

Your search Ends at GameVillage Bingo – Here’s Why

Bingo barrels in depth of field view
Your search Ends at GameVillage Bingo – Here’s Why

Bingo is a fun game that we all indulge into. But it’s not just for recreational purposes as we also end up meeting new people. However, the best part is, research says that playing bingo helps the mind to be agile and active even in old age. But the true essence of bingo can only be felt if we find the right bingo sites, to find which, a lot of research is required. We know that trolling the internet for information can be quiet a tedious task and none of us quiet like it. So we have done the research for you and pin pointed one bingo site which is the most unique among all the others and it’s none other than GameVillage Bingo.

GameVillage Bingo in fact claims to be the most original among all the online bingo sites, and the fact is, it’s true. It’s unique in every way possible and always has something or the other which is new and exciting. GameVillage Bingo is a standalone bingo site and it has it’s own closed group of bingo lovers. Their games and offers are completely unique to their site and not to be found anywhere else. They call their players villagers (maintaining the theme of the site which is that of a village). Also, apart from the amazing offers in terms of promotions, jackpots and bonuses GameVillage Bingo is known to be the friendliest and the most community based of them all, making it one of the best bingo sites in the industry.

GameVillage Bingo is one of those few sites which offers a cool £10 bingo bonus – no deposit required! Once you join, your bingo account would be credited with the tenner allowing you to take a good walk around the bingo village. You can not only play side games with this tenner but even bingo games and all this for one full month! Once you make your first deposit you would get a whopping 250% welcome bonus. GameVillage Bingo offers a good range of bonuses like re-deposit bonus, chat room bonus, refer a friend bonus and even cash back tournaments. The catch here being you simply need to meet their wagering requirements which are of course, nothing compared to the huge cash prizes they offer in return.

In terms of games apart from the 75 and 90 ball bingo you can also indulge in their classic games like dingo and supergems. They also have a good number of side games like keno, scratch cards etc. The best part however is the uniqueness of the names of the bingo rooms which are titled Village Inn, Chip Van and so on.

Well folks there’s no end to mentioning the uniqueness of this online bingo site. We say, you need to be in there to know what they have to offer. So wait no more and click here to start playing only at GameVillage Bingo.

Online Bingo Is The New Trend


Don’t be baffled with Bingo, yes, it is now one of the growing trends. Bingo is no more a game just for the oldies but it has been catching up with youngsters too. What’s more, you could be indulging in some crazy bits of fun along with a way to make money. True, bingo helps you in building up your savings unless you plan to spend it all somewhere else. Online bingo industry is a booming industry which has many fan followers and still growing.

Bingo as a game doesn’t need any introduction, its being played all across the world, a favourite game of all. A game which is simple to play and now you don’t have to take time to daub, thanks to the online innovation. There are so many sites available on internet nowadays, it’s definitely hard to pick up easily! It’s better to choose sites which has excellent rapport with the players and fun promotions that would bring a smile to you.

Join this online fad, if you haven’t been part of it yet. It’s quite simple to choose an online bingo if you follow these tricks. Yes, these tips are quite handy while selecting a site and you will be in the safe zone. Here are the tricks which I keep up in my sleeves.

Payment modes : it’s better to be safe than being sorry, so look up the payment modes they are offering you to play with, the more options they have, is good for you as you could make your transactions based on your usability. Most of the sites will have verified security certificates, keep an eye out for those and it will actually help you out. Plus, you could always use the debit/credit card payment processes.

Gambling authorities : they are your helpers, make sure that the sites you have chosen, has a mention of which gambling authority they do fall under. These gambling authorities makes sure that they don’t breach any gambling laws and benefits the customer as well.

Simple is beautiful : if the site layout makes you love it, then you should chose it. As long as it doesn’t confuse you and helps you in keeping track of your expenses in the games. Then you should absolutely go for it. When the site is simple, then you could easily navigate through so that you feel quite comfortable as well.

Bonus, Bonus, Bonus : Repeat them in your mind if you have to, this mantra will help you in choosing the site easily. Bonuses gives an extra life to your games, plus wouldn’t it be nice if you get something more than you bargained. So look out for sites which actually gives you a good welcome bonus, re-deposit bonus and more. More the bonus, better for you so gather up your speed and rush to those bingo sites.

Rooms : they are not your bedrooms to lie down lazily, these online bingo rooms are quick paced and you will wonder what happened in there when you stir up. Make sure that you know about the games that are being offered in there. There are varieties of bingo rooms such as the 75 Ball Bingo room, 80 Ball Bingo room, 90 Ball Bingo room and 30 Ball Bingo room. There may be slight variations to all these rooms as sites likes to offer something which is unique. These unique factors does really stand out.

Jackpots : bigger the jackpots, better for you. You could win massive jackpots and make sure you keep an eye out for these jackpots. There has been many jackpot winners over the past few years.

Where is the money,honey? : make sure that you don’t spend everything and become penniless. The site which you choose should help you in building a strong bank balance, so keep an account of your expenses.

No-Deposit : this definitely rings a bell in our ears, yes you could play for free, usually some sites still offer these, if you are running low, you could definitely try the no – deposit bingo matches. They will definitely help you a lot in this case. Make sure you get to play some of their games in free mode.

Chats : we sometimes get carried away with chatting but never let that get to your head. Most of these chat rooms are monitored, any vulgarities will be expelled and may be banned from further playing. Avoid speaking rude or any offensive matter that may offend players and chat hosts. No matter is treaded upon lightly here.

Play in those splendid online bingo sites, and make sure that you start your awesome way to bingo and maybe bank if you crack the big jackpots. To get you started, why don’t we help you out, there is a site we know that you could start playing at. NewLook Bingo, a fascinating site with 900% welcome bonus and excellent site layout. The friendly chat hosts will make you sing, they will make you sing in high spirits. The site is packed with players, you can get new friends and have fun too. So, don’t delay any further and start playing in these sites so that you could win amazing freebies. Hop into their free online bingo rooms and experience the best offers in town.

How to Avoid Online Gaming Scams and Enjoy Playing

clubs royal poker
How to Avoid Online Gaming Scams and Enjoy Playing


For people who love to play gambling, online casino playing is not a new thing. These games have become an insensible part of the gambling world since many years now. The experienced players spend a lot of time in playing games online and they even win lucrative amount of money. However, online gaming world is not for everyone. We have seen that people lose control on their emotions and spend the most part of their earnings in gambling and become addicted to it.

The new trends of online gaming

As new online games are introduced, people get attracted to their glitz and glam. A wide range of online games is available including blackjack, poker, rummy, baccarat and slots. In earlier days, people used to visit the gambling clubs and hotels to enjoy the games and win/lose money. These hotels and clubs offer the most sophisticated gambling services.

In these casino clubs, Winning and losing money was more of a prestige issue where people never used to like to face each other if they have lost in the game. On the other hand, online casinos offer more safety and privacy, as you will not be looking at people in people while playing. Avid players have the option to play at the comfort of their homes and they enjoy gambling online to the fullest. The internet has become a virtual gaming world for them and they enjoy being unknown to one another. All these factors have contributed a lot in making online gaming more popular.

Moreover, land based casinos are more expensive than the real ones. Only people with thousands of dollars can visit their posh casinos and spend their money. William Hill has a blackjack platform onlinewhere you can visit and enjoy at anytime during day or night. The control of playing casino games is in your hands and whenever you get time, you can start playing.

Take control of your emotions

While spending money in blackjack games, you first need to check your credit card limit. It is recommended to play the game without investing into it if you do not have sufficient amount. Many people lend money for gambling because they have the misconception that they would definitely win the game. It is suggested to take a good control of your emotions when it comes to money.

Some people play online games for having fun and frolic while others want to earn money. There are instances where people have won a good amount but they have good experience in playing the game and know all the techniques to play the game effectively. If you are a novice player, you should not play the game by investing into it.

If you are looking for playing blackjack online, you will find that a number of sites are available online offering you a good platform. You should compare them with one another as to choose the best platform. It is also a good idea to learn from the people who have enough experience in gaming world and blackjack. They will be able suggest the best way to start and learn these games.

If you want to start with online gaming, you must keep in mind above mentioned key points. This way, you can enjoy the gaming without losing any money.

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