Wireless game publisher secure the rights to the Data East software library.

TOKYO–Mobile game publisher G-Mode has acquired the rights to over one hundred game titles owned by Data East. This includes classic games like Burger Time and more recent releases such as Magical Drop. G-Mode aims to release a select number of the Data East titles on mobile phones starting this summer. “We hope to expand our business and meet the demands of new customers,” the company said in a statement.
Data East has released a number of popular games on platforms ranging from arcade to console. Some of its best known franchises are Bad Dudes, Karnov, Metal Max, and the Fighter’s History series. In 1999, Data East sought protection in Japan’s bankruptcy court and started on the road to reorganizing its 3.3 billion yen ($31.2 million) debt. Ultimately, Data East closed its doors in July, 2003.
G-Mode is a game publisher that releases Java-based game applications for mobile phone. The company publishes mobile games in 17 countries worldwide, and has distributed over 450 titles in Japan. Established in 2000, the main shareholders of G-Mode include CSK Network Systems, Atlus, and Qualcomm.