Children playing video games and spending a lot of time need not worry their parents. Games like Nintendo wii, psp and play station 3 have captured the imagination and interest of most children, but parents can take solace from the fact that their child may emerge as one promising gamer and earn a lot of money on the professional game circuit.

One nation that has always shown a lot of interest in such gaming activity is South Korea. Better disposable incomes and internet penetration has ensured that many of its children are getting access to the latest gaming software and electronic gadgets. Video gaming is very popular in this country and has the capacity of attracting more than 100,000 spectators to watch a game and that is indeed something phenomenal. Some of their more popular video game stars have big fan followings and that is a measure of the tremendous popularity this activity enjoys in this country.

The United States has also got its share of cyber-athletes if one may call them, who make good amounts of money playing these games. The brightest and most followed star is Johnathan Wendel. He is also known to his millions of fans as fatal 1ty, which is the screen name and by which he is also known to many million fans across the world.

Johnathan took to professional video gaming at the tender age of nineteen and has become an expert at these games as evident from the number of major e-sports tournaments that he has won. He has the proud distinction winning more than forty such tournaments and that is by far the most by anybody in America. This winning spree has brought him over $450,000 in cash prizes and that should be encouraging news to worried parents who are concerned about their children spending a lot of time at this activity.

This expertise at video games has enabled this star to travel to various destinations in the world in order to take part in tournaments. He has played everywhere except probably Antarctica. He has had the opportunity to even play at such exotic and historical places such as ‘Great wall of China’ as well as at the ‘Red Square’ in Moscow.

Johnathan has millions of fans who just cannot get enough of him and he is always swarmed by them wherever he goes. Thanks to his five world championship wins in five totally different game formats, he is somebody who is considered versatile and an absolute superstar in this field. Till now, the world has not seen any other gamer getting close to achieving so much in so little time. It is no wonder that he lives life king-size travelling in the best of comfort and staying at the best of hotels with all expenses taken care of.

He had perhaps his greatest victory in the year 2006 when he beat his opponent for his fifth world championship. His opponent was the then reigning champion in that particular video game format.