Last week’s most interesting Nintendo-related news saw a few different analyst-type people predicting that we’d see a new version of the Game Boy Advance before the year is out. Some people jumped into the deep end of the rumor pool and started shouting “PSP killer,” while others pointed to the overseas piracy problems that the current GBA is facing as a reason to update the hardware a third time.

Me, I’m perfectly happy with my GBA SP…well, except for the part where there don’t seem to be any GBA SP games coming out anymore. That’s still a raging bummer.

While one of my all-time favorite baseball games has to be Nintendo’s Ken Griffey, Jr. MLB for the Super Nintendo, I can’t say that I expected Nintendo to be getting back into the baseball business. Sports publishing has rapidly spun off into this crazy universe of its own, where you have teams of people that do nothing but develop sports games and scheme on ways it can make the competing games look foolish. But Nintendo’s jumping back in with Pennant Chase Baseball for the GameCube. Considering that Take-Two’s clamping down on third-party baseball, this certainly seems like good timing on Nintendo’s part. The first screenshots of the game have been released, including one that looks like it’s some sort of LAN mode for multi-Cube action. Crazy.
From the looks of things, the next two Nintendo DS games will be out in a couple of weeks. Yoshi’s Touch & Go and Pokemon Dash are both on for the 14th. I must say, I expected a slightly steadier stream of releases from the DS. Considering that both of these games are already out in Japan, it seems weird that it’s taken so long for them to make it over here. Third-party DS support will also pick up a bit on the back end of the month, as it seems that Atari has its retro arcade pack and Ubisoft has some Rayman.

Note: Source: gamespot