Fortunately for the Nintendo DS, it has overcome its slow start and already hits its stride, with the titles like Advance wars: Dual Strike, Nintendo dogs, Meteos and Kirby: Canvas Curse recently are the best selling titles. It has also dropped its price to $129 in America. The system’s Wi-FI network was also clarified recently, allowing free play (third parties may change for the titles like MMORPGs), extensive matchmaking easy to set up buddy lists, and multiple users IDs over different games.

Whereas the Nintendo DS’s dual screens give gamers and developers something different to play with, PSP is trying to build a fanbase by offering non gaming content like movies and MP3 playback.

Nintendo DS can be served as a fine gift for giving others and also for your own self. And once you got your hands on it you will start to wonder that what you will ever do without it because the graphics which has been put up in this small piece of wonder are of much high quality and the sound effects are also very impressive.

When it comes to handheld video games, there is no other video game parallel to Nintendo DS. And the best thing about it is that it is available at reasonable price and does not cost that much because it’s a price worth paying for such type of game.