The wii is the most stylish and sexy console in the modern consoles wars. The weight of the wii is just 2.7 pounds and 6 inches wide and 8 inches long and nearly 2 inches think.  The most stylish thing about the wii is, it has the wide base color which reminds me of apple shiny white finish, but there are also other colors available in the market according of the viewers’ choice.
Same like the Playstation3 and Xbox360, wii can be tilted vertically and horizontally with the help of its awesome plastic stand. Once you are satisfied with the position of the console the next step is to insert the power cable which is approximately the size of laptop block, and connect them to audio/video cables to your TV. The resolution of the wii is maximum 480p in 16 wide screen format, you are required to purchase non-compulsory cable separately. Nintendo wii is very well known for its unique controllers, we can easily hold the wii controller and its outstanding Nunchuck to move the character in the game. You can also play your old Arcade Nintendo games on wii and they can be easily download form different websites.