Tomb Raider slots game

Tomb Raider slots game

The Tomb Raider series has to rank as one of the best-known and most successful video game franchises in the history of this sector, spawning not only two successful Hollywood movie adaptations, but also an online slot game. In recognition of the pop-cultural power of the ‘Tomb Raider’ brand and that of its iconic lead character Lara Croft, one of the biggest names in the world of online casino games – Microgaming – opted to sign an exclusive licensing deal with Tomb Raider back in 2004, to create slots games based around the concept.

The Tomb Raider slot machine game is one of a number of such games to be drawn from successful video game franchises, including the Hitman game and the Thunderstruck ones. Like these other slots based on video games, the Tomb Raider game has based its appeal on having something to offer both serious fans of online casino gambling, and people whose interest lies primarily with the original video game – meaning the game ideally needs to deliver both a satisfying gaming and payout level, along with strong graphics that link it with its video game origins.

In terms of the latter the game certainly delivers, with a truly superb level of graphics and animation throughout all stages of the game, which renders the iconic Lara Croft character and the settings for the games instantly recognisable for fans of the video game version. The quality of the animation is particularly notable on additional features like the Tomb Bonus round, where both the audio and visuals create the tomb environment very effectively. There is also a movie introduction which is designed to explain the purpose of the slot game, thus drawing fans of the video game into this new medium using the images and themes that they are familiar with. When it comes to the overall presentation however, it should be noted that the music used for the Tomb Raider game is not the best – compared with that of the original video game – and this will probably be noted by fans of the latter.

The level of the first fixed jackpot on the Tomb Raider game is another major plus point for this game, as it is higher than that for most rival games of this sort, although sticking with the jackpot part of the game, the absence of a progressive one of any degree is definitely one of the less attractive parts of the game. In addition the Wild symbol does not lead to any multiplication of the payout levels, which is unusual for a slots game.

One of the best bonus features included in the Secret of the Sword game is the Global Adventure bonus, which players can activate by accumulating the Passport symbols across any of the reels, and which then involves having to guide Lara Croft through a variety of global locations as she searches for parts of a missing sword. There are further bonuses available within this feature itself, which it’s possible for players to trigger on a random basis while playing the game. The Secret of the Sword game also bests most other slots games available by offering two Free Spins features, rather than the one that most slots games have. The game has gained such popularity by consistently upping the stakes across the board, in terms of entertainment and value.