Celebrating one of the most popular days in a year – Valentine’s Day – Jagex Games Studio (Runescape developer) announced multiple events on the 12-13th February weekend that will take place in the Wilderness player verses player arena.

Runescape is one of the worlds’ most popular free MMORPG (actually, according to Guiness World Records it is the most popular MMORPG game) and the Valentine’s Day Massacre announced for the weekend is announced to be a bloodthirsty one. This biggest ever fight-a-thon event will allow players to create their own special death-inducing events and the best clans will be fighting in the Player Killing Run In event, may the best clan win!

On the other hand, if you are not such a bloodthirsty person you can also get involved in Jagex’ events, one of them represents a great opportunity for all players that prefer crafting and trading items instead of bloody fights. This marketplace could literally gain you the well desired wealth by supplying items for fighting clans. Another great event is represented by a competition where each and every player can guess the level of carnage this Valentine’s Day Massacre will reach.

Following RunesScape’s first player referendum (where 1.2 million players participated), the Wilderness arena and free trade were reintroduced in the game, with a staggering over 90% votes pro – over 33 trillion gold pieces worth of items have been traded in the first week after reinstatement.