Sony has finally revealed full details of the Japanese launch of the new handled PSP console, the first part of the worldwide rollout of the highly anticipated console. The price of the PSP is 19800 yen. The final stats for the PSP make impressive reading. As expected it has processing capabilities equivalent to that of the Playstation2 and runs on a lithium-ion battery, allowing a play time of four to six hours if you’re using it for a gaming and four to five hours for movie playback. The screen is 4.3iches wide and offers a 16.9 high resolution picture.

Of course, what really sets the PSP apart form past handhelds is its wireless LAN capabilities which enables the machine to connect to the internet via access points. As well as allowing gamers to play online against friends and family, you can also use the technology to download new content even add new games characters to your favorite titles. As well as this, 16 PSPs can be connected wirelessly creating an instant community for all gaming shenanigans. It’s a very exciting time for Sony, come on Sony, we’re ready to play!