The increasing levels of violence and the gore as alerted many nations. There are new rules being formed which will prevent all such games to enter into the mainstream market in many countries. China became first country which took very strong action against such games. Video games are played by teenagers and the young people. Sometimes content and the tone of the game is not suitable for the under-age people. Almost all the countries have the rules which prevent sexual content rated games for the children.

There have been many instances when game publishers pushed the extremely violent games and sold thousands of the copies. Video game makers will always find the market for such games but the countries take stern action and sometimes ban such games. Latest news comes from Australia where a Zombie based game has been banned. Australia has rating system for the games and it is extremely difficult for such games to pass highest rating. Some game makers think that foul language spoken characters are the best bet and it would sell their titles in the market. Experience shows that such games are successful in creating the publicity and hyping the market. Such games never figured on the top lists in the history of the gaming industry.

The publishers need to have system of self censorship and they should know well their limits. Such game publishers either have new business or trying to revive their low sales volumes. Analysts are not sure about the facts if investors are pushing too hard and game publishers are under the obligations to earn profits quickly. The sale volume may look good for few days for such games. Such violent games have never been able to maintain the sales figures for very long time. It is better game publishers entertain the people than corrupting the young minds.