Bubble Game

Bubble Game

Bubble games can be found in abundance online, as there are many variations and versions of the original classics on all sorts of gaming sites—we found our current favorites on BubbleRush. Bubble games have long been part of the most popular genre of games on the internet, and thousands of gamers constantly search to find the best games of the bunch. It’s hard to find games that really stand out from the rest, as there are many factors that determine whether a game is good or not. One of the online bubble games you can find that fulfills all of these requirements will definitely be among the best available online.

Good Graphics
One of the biggest requirements for a good bubble game online is that the game has good graphics. There are a multitude of games online that could be great, except the graphics are too jerky, choppy, ugly, or unpleasant. It takes good graphics to make a good game, and the art has to be pleasant, appealing, and attractive. Some games that do this quite well include Jungle Shooter and Woobies.

Original Content
The game must also have something different than the other games out there. With all the online bubble games available, there are many that fail to stand out from the crowd simply because they are too bland. There needs to be some sort of hook to get players coming back again and again. Often themed games and seasonal bubble games accomplish this quite nicely.

Interesting Storylines
It helps a great deal if there is some sort of story going on in the game. It makes the game slightly more interesting and addictive if there is that added value that comes from a storyline. The more interesting the story being followed, the greater appeal there is.

Power-ups make any game more enjoyable. They help you to accomplish goals more quickly, help gameplay go more smoothly, and generally make things more exciting for you the player. Fireballs, score multipliers, and other common power-ups are generally incorporated into the best online bubble games.

High Scores
You may or may not have noticed how high scores usually affect the enjoyment you get out of a game. It’s been scientifically proven that games that allow players to get higher score amounts are usually the ones that they enjoy more.


Other things that make bubble games more enjoyable for the player are good soundtracks, exciting images and characters, and the ability to save progress and return to the game later. Games that can accomplish as many of these things as possible are usually the ones that players rate the highest and return to again and again.