starcraft II launched

Adun Toridas !

En Taro Adun !

Somebody called for an exterminator ?

Three phrases along with many others were on every passionate gamer’s lips for years. Starcraft was one of the best real time strategies ever, played by million of people in different countries. It was a big success and it seems that Starcraft 2 is following the same pattern.

After 12 years of waiting and 7 years of development, gamers from all over the world were hit with a fabulous news : Starcraft II : Wings of Liberty has gone on sale. The second part of this game follows the same principal idea as the one launched in 1998, where player has the possibility to command a group of humans trying to defeat the Protoss and Zergs, two different races with a single analogy : they are both from other planets.

First Starcraft was sold in over 9 million copies worldwide with 3 major add-ons after sales and became the best RTS computer game ever launched. It was a natural move that developers to stick with the famous three races as in the Stacraft : telepathic aliens Protoss, the insects Zerg and humanoid Terrans that posses the technology to steal and modify weapons and equipment other two races have.

Small changes have been made to the way units are upgraded and also the developers improved the way the races interact with the environment. Before the launch of Starcraft II, no reviews were available which is an awkward situation while almost each and every game before the launch has a media and online coverage.

System requirements for this RTS tend to force gamers that posses old computers to buy new ones, while a minimum Athlon XP with more than 2200+ GHz (or Pentium IV with over 2.6GHz) equipped with a video card above Geforce 9300 or Ati Radeon X300-600. Also, a broadband Internet connection for online features must be available.

Will the Starcraft II have the same popularity among players ? Time will tell us, however Starcraft II became the game with the longest time before a sequel.

battle zerg and protossterran unitsbattle protoss and terrans