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Leading Game Bloggers, Developers And Just Gamers On What They Like Most About Their Job

Gaming niche is very popular worldwide and we decided to make some expert roundup with different members of this niche. We had conversations with some popular gamers, game developers and game bloggers to tell you what each of them like most about games.



Armin Ibrisagic

I work as a PR Manager so I get to travel a lot to events and expos. which means I get to meet other friendly developers that share my passion for video games. I think that’s by far the best thing about being in the games industry. Not sure what more to say, I just really like video games, playing video games, and talking about video games. The fact that I can survive and pay my rent while doing it is even better.



Debbie Timmins

The variety of games that I get to see is simply incredible. I’ve played so many games that I wouldn’t normally risk buying and discovered some brilliant ones that I get to share with other gamers. I love analysing games to look at WHY they achieve what they do. Blogging lets me reach other people who enjoy doing the same.



Tim Oliver

The thing I like the most is the feedback. People like to reply back saying that after they read your blog, they were encouraged to try out what you were talking about, and were happy they did in the end. It lets you know your blog is actually out there, helping people, and it’s quite rewarding.



Emma Barnes

I run as a hobby rather than as a job which suits me just fine. I get to write about what I love without having to worry too much about “being professional”. I’m not a news blogger so don’t have to keeping my finger on the pulse of the industry. My readers like their little dose of the “retro” (are PS2 and GBA considered “retro” these days?!) in their lives and I’m happy to supply it. Being a games blogger allows me to look back at the great memories games have created for me (hence the title of my blog) and allows me to improve my writing style at the same time.



Chris Renshall

This is a two section answer.

Game Development Side:

The best part of being a game developer is the creative outlet game development provides. I have spent many years of my life looking for a hobby that I could get into and stick with for more than a month or two. It took me a while, but I found game design and I love it. Developing games makes perfect sense to the way my brain works. Game development is an art form that my analytical brain can grab a hold of and make a style of art that is something I am really proud of and want show to as many people who are willing to play our games. Game development, beyond the art form, is project management where I/we get to set all the rules. Yes, I am constrained by the production time for art, the physical game copies and the availability of play testers but I have the freedom to run multiple projects at one time, and work with multiple people. To me, the project management side of game development is a game. The game is to be as efficient as possible and to me that is fun. Lastly, I get to spend a lot of time with my friends because of game development. I co-design with a friend from my school days and we get to hang out and build our company into whatever we want it to be. Our strengths compliment each other very well and being able to work with someone with the same basic business goals and a skill set complimentary to mine is very rewarding. Plus, we get to bring our larger group of friends together to run alpha tests on our games. Since these are the guys that have been making fun of one another since we were in middle school, they can say whatever they want about the early problems with our games and there are no hard feelings and we know the feedback is genuine because our friends don’t feel bad for giving bad feedback the same way strangers are reluctant to vocalize. We also know that the good feedback we receive is coming from a reliable source that is willing to give criticism and praise.

Game Blogging Side:

When I started our blog, what I liked best was the fact that the act of writing a regular blog kept me on task with our own games. The idea that I wanted to write regular updates on our games meant that I needed to have something to write about. Writing a blog also forced me to focus more when we were working on our games because the more useful “bloggable material” I was able to extract from the times we were actually developing games, the more I had to write about. So initially, the best part was the unexpected focus writing a regular blog provided and being able to share the progress of our games.

Then I started to write a series about How to Build a Game and what I liked the most changed. I discovered that people actually got something out of our H2BaG blog posts. Based on comments and other forms of feedback, I started to get really excited when I would hear from readers and what they liked about our blog. What this has done is change my focus from getting motivation from sharing my projects, to being motivated to help others with theirs. Because of this, I have worked regular time into my week to get blog posts done and generate future ideas so I have plenty of material to write about in the future.

In conclusion, something I did not mention previously, is the social interaction both the development and blogging side provide. Being a game developer means you need to build a team and meeting new and talented people in the game industry is great fun. Being a blogger, you get to meet people who are on the same journey we are on. We share stories of accomplishment and challenges of the design process. The rewards from meeting new people on either the blogger or development side are plentiful and inspiring.



Lisa Hignett

My favourite aspect of being a game developer has to be the process of filtering many individual ideas and concepts for a game until they come together into fruition. Working with a team in an independent game company is so rewarding as everybody always has a unique idea on how a game should be developed; yet not all of them are necessarily worth executing. Good communication and great team morale are essential to narrow down the best ideas to develop an original title. You can spend many hours working on a game but only the titles with the most unique, risky ideas are memorable!



Beard Gamer

Essentially, BeardGamer intends to bring new fans to the hobby, and help them find new content and discover the work, reviews and videos of some incredible content creators across the globe. We wanted to build a place, a hub, where they could find a collection of great industry and player content with a comprehensive search function for hundreds of games linked to reviews, playthroughs and everything in between. I love games and this community, I just want to share that content and grow the boardgaming love and industry!


Razay Martin

I am the founder/owner of alienwolfstudios ,i am also a 3d artist. I love what i do because it allows me to explore my creative itch and im able to create anything i can put my mind to. Also because i can find others who love our games and see our artistic views. Its a pleasure to be in this business i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world.


Of course most people involved in this niche love games and that is the main reason why do they blog about games, develop games and play games.

If you are working in this niche and would like to be included too then contact us and we will include you.

Playing computer games for 43 hours – Guinness World Records

playing computer games
A group of gamers has recently taught a lot of people a serious life lesson: it’s possible to help the ones that are in need of help, just by doing what they like and not spending a dime.

Basically, they have played almost 2 days in a row; to be a little bit more specific, they played up 43 hours continuously, just in order to raise money for the children’s charity Games Aid, organization known to be one of the toughest fighters for the children’s rights.

Right in these moments, the group of gamers who has played for 2 days in a row is waiting for the approval of the officials from Guinness World Records.

As for the event, it was organized by  Alan Teader, the owner of a successful gaming site. Even though he wanted the group to break several world records (on playing online continuously for more than 30 hours), he didn’t expect for the gamers to go that further. In fact, by the time the first gamer was forced to abort the team (due to the fact that he was extremely dizzy), Alan Teader declared that he thought that everything would soon finish. Well, contrary, the group went even further… 43 hours of play. That’s a hell of a record!

As for the earnings of this event, the group has managed to earn 555 pounds. As well, they should earn some money for breaking some world records, but only after they are recognized by the specialists from the Guinness World Records.

As for the records broken, among them, there are: the longest time spent playing a first person shooter game, longest time on a driving game, on a real-time strategy game, and on Grand Theft Auto IV. Not so bad, isn’t it?

And now, due to their success, the group of gamers is willing to break even more records, as they intend to plan several other events like the one they have already participated at.

Entropia Universe or how to make half million dollars in 5 years

Entropia Universe is a popular online game launched in 2003 by a Swedish developer – MindArk. Basically, it acts exactly like a real worl with its own monetary system (Project Entropia Dollars), some kind of Monopoly with real money though. PED can be bought with real cash by players and redeemed at a certain point, when you feel you have made a good profit.

But what can be defined as a good profit ? Let’s take for example a player named Jon Jacobs a.k.a Neverdie. He bought an asteroid in 2005 for $100,000 (real money !), he transformed it into a luxurious resort called Club Neverdie and he sold it recently for a whopping sum of $635,000. Now that is an incredible profit for 5 years, isn’t it ?

The interesting fact is that actually the gamer earned back his investment in 8 months by selling small pieces of real estate on his asteroid and selling rights to hunt and mine, exactly like in the real world. You can call it a virtual landlord without hesitation, right ? This is not the first time a very expensive item is sold on Entropia Universe ; in 2009, a player named Buzz “Erik” Lightyear bought a space station for $330,000, of course, a virtual one.

Entropia Universe is getting more and more popular these days with all the headlines announcing big transactions and huge profits. It is very similar with World of Warcraft – a fictive world, creatures, trades, planets exploration and so on. But in the end, who has ever heard about a profit of $500,000 from playing WoW ?

Mafia 2 review

First Mafia title was the best mobsters game ever created,  that’s a fact. Even from the start, the infernal auto race was opening what it was a hard, but fantastic action game. After 8 long years, the Mafia families are coming back in action, in a historical period where illegal activities were flourishing : The WW2 and the ‘50s. The main character is Vito Scaletta, the typical Sicily boy brought to America by his parents, chasing for the American dream. The story is very alike with Mafia movies like « Bronx Tale » and others : while chasing the American dream, parents end up with a miserable job and their son takes it on other ways, and this is exactly what happens in Mafia 2 as well.

Vito is lucky so instead of getting to jail he goes to the front where he becomes a here with medal. However when meeting with his old robbery buddy, Joe, his life turns 180 degrees to theft, from small to bi gones and large-scale murders, which at one particular time connect this game with the first one. The story contains all the elements necessary for a respectable mafia intrigue : families rivalities, new comers seeing drugs as a bright future, betrayals and friendships. Overall, a great combination.

The action takes place in Empire Bay metropolis and beside the main missions the player can walk through the cities and continue the story from different perspectives, depending on his choice. Any car can be stolen and crushed in the style of a veridic thief. As thief, for stealing a car one can break the glass or unlock it using some thief tools, but probably the best way is to place in front of a car, beat the driver and steal it. A nice added feature is that plates can be changed in order to get rid of police.

Most missions involve scandals, shootings, enemies in considerable numbers and body to body fights. Whether the player must kick some enemies to save his life, or just to beat inocent people, Vito will deal with these as he should : violent way. When taking bullets, the life points are restored like in Call of Duty by walking away from those guns and stay covered for a few seconds. Although a lot of bad things can be done through this character, many people say it lacks the possibility of robbing more stores, beating women on the street, or anything other mobsters-wannabe would like to see in a game.

As we said, all the actions are related to cars and weapons, moreover, one can even steal a police car, of course, with the appropriate adrenaline involved. Weapons range from the iconic Thompson to Magnum pistols, shotguns, grenades and incendiary bottles. The graphics is controversial as always while some saying it looks good, others that it’s so not 2010th-ish.

Mafia 2 is a great sequel of the first title, but as nothing is perfect it could have faced some more improvements as well : could have been longer, the producers could have added more secondary activities, the graphics could be better and so on. In the end, it’s a great game based on real 50’s stories like paid murdereds, fights for territory, extortion, drugs traffic, all done dressed in an elegant suit and driving luxury stolen cars.

Civilization V Review

All these years this game created thousands of fans and it seems that Civilization V became on of the most friendly games in this series, featuring the right amount of goodies both for beginners and for veterans. Basically, Napoelon meets Oda Nobunaga in 3460 BC, Russian Ekaterina 1st meets Hiawata, Persia’s Darius I protects Singapore and Copenhagen which in a mysteryous way are placed on the same continent, and the examples could continue. Civilization V does not concern about accurate historical events but gives players a freedom to carry on the heights of glory one of the 18 nations available to play with.

As there is no story available, the player has only the option to conquer and colonise other nations, with many options to choose from, from the number of nations, types of wins, size of the map and many other features related to the gameplay. The first notable change is the transformation of square into hexagons. Each nation starts with a single city and, as the game goes forward they town grows and adds new citizens which determines the need for more land owned.

Every piece of land can be improved with all sorts of construction, either on land or on water. Workers will build farms, mines, roads and other advanced buildings while they discover new technologies and pass into a new era. At any time, the player can create other settlers to expand and build new cities. However, growing to rapidly can be harmful if the people you run are not happy. And when people are unhappy armies do not attack at full force, construction last forever and so on.

At a first glance, the game might seem too complex with all the construction management, diplomacy, trade and wars, and they actually are, thus the people at Firaxis created one of the most user-friendly games ever with a simple interface any regular player should get used to. Unlike previous games, Civilization V does not allow anymore stacking your army with huge masses of troops and endless battles and this unique approach changes a lot the battles dinamique. Some items like espionage and trade in technology were removed, same for health, pollution and religion. A 300 pages PDF tutorial can be consulted in order to get to know this game deeper.

As for the troops, these can benefit from level increases and can gain all sorts of bonuses, from higher precision to the ability to travel more on water; veteran units can be improved – like Musketeers and modern infantry. Commercial treates, open borders, co-op for various technologies may be concluded only with nations and not with city-states. Once a city is conquered there are 3 options: annexation, maintaining it as a “puppet” or removing from the map. The last option might not be so clever while a conquered town can bring a fat income to your nation. Another important aspect of this game, as in real life, is money. With money you can buy adjacent land, important building, friendship and can help to improve the troops.

When it comes to the system requirements, Civilization V looks great on a DirectX9 powered PC as well on a DirectX10 one. From beginners to veterans, everyone will feel comfortable with re-shaping the world’s map in this complex and fantastic game.

Bingo online – enjoying great popularity

The game of bingo has always been quite popular and many people have tried their luck at it. In the earlier days, physical tickets used to be distributed at events or family get together occasions and people played the game. The stakes were also not very high and people saw it more as a good diversion and played for the fun of it. If you happened to win some money, you felt happy but that was not the sole purpose of playing bingo.

However, modern bingo is different. Thanks to improvement in technology and many households getting computers along with internet connectivity, the game of bingo has grown really big in terms of participation and the fact that people can play the game from the comfort of their homes has led to the game really being played by many who had not even heard about it. After all, it is free to play and you only need to sign on with your name as well as email address.

So what makes the game so exciting?

Let us first understand the game and how it is played.

The bingo ticket has twenty-seven boxes that are arranged as three rows by nine columns with each of the rows having five numbers with four blanks. Each of the columns has one or two and sometimes three numbers under them.

The game is controlled by somebody who calls out the numbers and also announces the winning tickets. The game begins by the caller indicating that he is about to start and then starts picking random numbers to call. These numbers are picked through the Random Number Generator through the electronic method or by making use of balls bearing the numbers thrown out by a mechanical machine. When these numbers are called, the participants check their individual bingo tickets to see if they have the numbers called and mark them accordingly. The technique used by each caller is different and some even add a lot of humor to the activity if the game is being played live in front of him by many people.

When a particular participant gets all numbers of a line on the ticket marked, he or she would shout ‘Line’ and if all numbers on the ticket are marked, the shout would be ‘house’ or ‘bingo’. When a particular participant gets all numbers of a line on the ticket marked, he or she would shout ‘Line’ and if all numbers on the ticket are marked, the shout would be ‘house’ or ‘bingo’. Now with various bingo sites enabling people to play bingo online, there is no need to shout physically and everything is managed electronically.
When the game was played physically, people had to purchase bingo book tickets with each book having fifty tickets. There are bingo clubs in the UK where people meet to play the game and often exhaust many books in a session. People normally like to buy tickets with all possible number combination to improve their chances of winning. Modern bingo sites however do not involve physical tickets and people can play bingo on line from wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection.

After 12 years, the long-awaited Starcraft II was launched

starcraft II launched

Adun Toridas !

En Taro Adun !

Somebody called for an exterminator ?

Three phrases along with many others were on every passionate gamer’s lips for years. Starcraft was one of the best real time strategies ever, played by million of people in different countries. It was a big success and it seems that Starcraft 2 is following the same pattern.

After 12 years of waiting and 7 years of development, gamers from all over the world were hit with a fabulous news : Starcraft II : Wings of Liberty has gone on sale. The second part of this game follows the same principal idea as the one launched in 1998, where player has the possibility to command a group of humans trying to defeat the Protoss and Zergs, two different races with a single analogy : they are both from other planets.

First Starcraft was sold in over 9 million copies worldwide with 3 major add-ons after sales and became the best RTS computer game ever launched. It was a natural move that developers to stick with the famous three races as in the Stacraft : telepathic aliens Protoss, the insects Zerg and humanoid Terrans that posses the technology to steal and modify weapons and equipment other two races have.

Small changes have been made to the way units are upgraded and also the developers improved the way the races interact with the environment. Before the launch of Starcraft II, no reviews were available which is an awkward situation while almost each and every game before the launch has a media and online coverage.

System requirements for this RTS tend to force gamers that posses old computers to buy new ones, while a minimum Athlon XP with more than 2200+ GHz (or Pentium IV with over 2.6GHz) equipped with a video card above Geforce 9300 or Ati Radeon X300-600. Also, a broadband Internet connection for online features must be available.

Will the Starcraft II have the same popularity among players ? Time will tell us, however Starcraft II became the game with the longest time before a sequel.

battle zerg and protossterran unitsbattle protoss and terrans

The Curfew, an adventure game promoting freedom

Channel 4 is preparing to launch an adventure game with a spice of political thriller theme of trust on July 28th, this year. The Curfew is written by a Marvel writer – Kieron Gillen – and designed by the well-known agency LittleLoud and it is a browser-based game for teens aging 14-19 years old. It combines a challenging gameplay with a political intrigue and is set to make the gamers asking themselves « who can I trust ? »

The game takes place in 2027, not too far away, in an authoritarian security state, with a concept inspired by today’s political decisions. The Curfew’s primary target is young people and tries to play an educational role while it presents the freedoms teens enjoy nowaday in a mirror with the potential dangers in they do not protect themselves. It’s a game for right questions, political involvement and fight for freedom.

The key characters of this game are Aisha, a hardworking Iraqi immigrant in UK, Leah the dissident – an enemy of the current system -, Saul, a 40-year-old ex-cop working in security and Lucas, a bored young boy, antisocial and rebellious. The Curfew presents those four characters captured by the curfew in a hostel, searching for how they end-up captured and sharing their stories one to each other.

4 characters in curfew

The Curfew is compound of four episodes, each episode being based on each character’s story. The gamer is a young political agitator that obtains a disc containing information that could damage the government if released and searching for a trusted party to hand-over that disk. During the game the player will listen to those characters’ stories and in the end, right before the police entering through the door, he must give the disk to the character he trusts upon his stories.

Although this is an imaginary game, curfews actually exist in UK, spreaded in over 1,000 towns. There, anyone under 16-years-old found on the streets after 9pm can be sent home by the police. The games comes as a response to latest civil liberties and freedoms that have been outlawed.

Joanas Horde Guide – Great tool to learn from

The Horde guide can boast of being the first War craft leveling guides that became available online and the person who conceived it became popular due to the success he could achieve in speed leveling and through the guide gave the confidence to others that they too could scale such heights.

However, can that claim be taken at face value?

People who are conversant with leveling would be aware that the best way to do so is by questing. This is because the process of grinding is always slow and even if you can manage to play strongly in the AOE class, questing is the one that will give you quick results.

This process is especially advantageous for the experienced player as opposed to the newbie as they can link with nearby quests and get on with the job without the need to spend much time. A thorough expert at this can achieve even higher speeds and that is the advantage of questing.

This guide is positioned well for those who are above the ‘zone’ level but have not yet reached the ‘expert’ level. Some sections are indeed difficult and are good for those who are hunters as they can also level well on their own.

Of course some classes may find it difficult to cope up with the guide as they need to be prepared at a level that is specific. The good news is that it is not too difficult to grind and get to that desired level so that you are able to get the full benefits of the guide.

Some people who have not exposure to such guides are pondering and thinking as to how just knowing the quest will help. This guide makes use of map coordinates and therefore makes it easy for you to just link the dots to travel accordingly.

Since this Horde leveling guide has been conceived and written by an expert gamer in War craft who has demonstrated that he can conquer several servers with the speed as well as the fact that he holds the record for Horde leveling, this is worth purchasing as the video shows exactly how he is able to do it and looking at it, you will also be able to pick up the nuances.

This guide also comes equipped with clear illustrations and directions on how to take each step to level your Horde character. The map coordinates that have been provided ensure that you are not left feeling lost. The list of add-ons only serves to enhance the speed that is possible to achieve with regular practice.

This guide has also been updated for the Burning Crusade challenge and takes care of all the Horde races along with the starting zones. The guide also has provision for updates so that you do not have to spend anything extra to get to the 70 level.

The striking aspect of this guide is the 35 hours of video footage that clearly explains the Horde leveling steps and since the important parts are played in slow motion, you can know and see what is going on clearly.

Guide to playing bingo online

Guide to Playing Bingo Online

Bingo online is on fire all over the media and the Internet. A lot of people definitely want to play bingo online, but don’t know how to. They also are unsure how the process works. They don’t know the difference between 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo and aren’t aware of what instant games, like bingo scratch cards are. What they don’t realize is playing online bingo is a breeze.

To play bingo online, you have to first sign up for an online bingo room. If you are a bingo player from the UK, game on bingo is the cat’s meow for the best room to sign up for. Gameon bingo offers everything you need from an online bingo site. It has a large variety of games, an excellent platform, and outstanding customer service. It can be found at

Once you have your gameon bingo account, you open their software platform, pick a game and start playing. If it is bingo online which you are playing, you should begin with either the basic 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo games, since these are the simplest games to learn and let you to understand the basics of the game before you continue to more complex bingo games.

All you have to do is buy a card, enter the bingo room and wait for the numbers to be drawn and then mark them off your card.