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Your search Ends at GameVillage Bingo – Here’s Why

Bingo barrels in depth of field view
Your search Ends at GameVillage Bingo – Here’s Why

Bingo is a fun game that we all indulge into. But it’s not just for recreational purposes as we also end up meeting new people. However, the best part is, research says that playing bingo helps the mind to be agile and active even in old age. But the true essence of bingo can only be felt if we find the right bingo sites, to find which, a lot of research is required. We know that trolling the internet for information can be quiet a tedious task and none of us quiet like it. So we have done the research for you and pin pointed one bingo site which is the most unique among all the others and it’s none other than GameVillage Bingo.

GameVillage Bingo in fact claims to be the most original among all the online bingo sites, and the fact is, it’s true. It’s unique in every way possible and always has something or the other which is new and exciting. GameVillage Bingo is a standalone bingo site and it has it’s own closed group of bingo lovers. Their games and offers are completely unique to their site and not to be found anywhere else. They call their players villagers (maintaining the theme of the site which is that of a village). Also, apart from the amazing offers in terms of promotions, jackpots and bonuses GameVillage Bingo is known to be the friendliest and the most community based of them all, making it one of the best bingo sites in the industry.

GameVillage Bingo is one of those few sites which offers a cool £10 bingo bonus – no deposit required! Once you join, your bingo account would be credited with the tenner allowing you to take a good walk around the bingo village. You can not only play side games with this tenner but even bingo games and all this for one full month! Once you make your first deposit you would get a whopping 250% welcome bonus. GameVillage Bingo offers a good range of bonuses like re-deposit bonus, chat room bonus, refer a friend bonus and even cash back tournaments. The catch here being you simply need to meet their wagering requirements which are of course, nothing compared to the huge cash prizes they offer in return.

In terms of games apart from the 75 and 90 ball bingo you can also indulge in their classic games like dingo and supergems. They also have a good number of side games like keno, scratch cards etc. The best part however is the uniqueness of the names of the bingo rooms which are titled Village Inn, Chip Van and so on.

Well folks there’s no end to mentioning the uniqueness of this online bingo site. We say, you need to be in there to know what they have to offer. So wait no more and click here to start playing only at GameVillage Bingo.

What are the differences between American and European Roulette?

European Roulette Online
European Roulette Online

It is true, all you need to do is to have access to the internet, and you can enjoy all of your favorite casino games whenever, and wherever you so desire. Some of the most popular games of chance are online roulette and European roulette.

Online roulette
is more commonly known as just roulette, or American roulette. If you are not familiar with the differences between the two games, they are significant, and we are going to tell you what they are below.

First, an American roulette wheel has two green sections ‘0’ and ’00’. But, a European wheel has only one green section ‘0’. You might be asking yourself, why is this small difference so important? If so, we will be glad to explain.

The house edge for American roulette 5.26%; whereas the house edge for European roulette is only 2.59%. See, when you were sitting in that math class thinking that you will never use anything that is being taught in it, you should have listened more closely to what the teacher was saying, and studied harder.

Essentially, what all of that means, is that your odds of winning playing European roulette, are much greater when compared to American roulette. So, if you are looking for an online casino game, you always want to choose European roulette, instead of American roulette.

If you have never played either version previously, the primary reason that they are both so well liked is that it is possible to get incredibly hot for short periods, and win massive amounts of money.

Roulette is played on a big table that has a wheel and a tiny ball is placed into when it is spinning. When the wheel stops spinning, the ball falls into one of the slots that corresponds with a number or zero, and that is how the bets are either won or loss.

There are all kinds of ways to bet on a single spin of the wheel, just as there are a multitude of different strategies employed by gamblers attempting to walk away with a fortune in only one night. Some of the bets are called straight up, split, street, corner, corner (0, 1, 2, 3), six number, and neighbor.

Although some or most of the terms above might sound a little complicated to a novice roulette player, in reality, the game is very simple to understand, and start playing shortly after you learn the rules.

More than likely, if you watch TV or the movies, you will have seen the game being played many times when there were scenes that were filmed in a casino. It is presently played all over the world, in virtually every casino that is in existence.

Playing casino games on the internet is a great way to kill a few minutes, and if you are lucky, win some good money. Online roulette and European roulette just happen to be two of the more popular games that many people like to play. If you have a little free time, why not see how your luck is running today, by participating in one of these unique activities.

Where to Find the Best Ben 10 Games

Ben 10 Game
Ben 10 Game

Ben 10 is one of the most popular cartoons currently airing, and for good reason. It’s fun, well-produced, and perfect for kids of all ages. The show has a dedicated fan following, and if you’re a member of that then you might be wondering where to get your next fix. Ben 10 games are one of the best ways for fans to get more of their favorite show, and if you want to know where to find the best games, read below.

Cartoon Network Site

Cartoon Network is the network where the show airs, and they have an extensive database of Ben 10 games available to play for free. These games are among the best Ben 10 games you can find anywhere, because they are created by the actual creators of the show and they’re designed to be easily playable and quickly addictive. The online format of these games means that they’re great for short bursts of playing, intense action and arcade fun with the Ben 10 storylines as a main theme in the gameplay. The games available on these sites are among the best—but they’re not all that’s out there.

Ben 10 Fan Sites

There’s a huge fan following for the Ben 10 show, and every fandom has at least one official fan site where everything about the franchise can be found. Ben 10 is no exception, and if you go to a good fan site you can often find links to all the best games based on the show. Check out the options and see what you find.

In Local Game Stores

Local game stores will usually have all the games you could ever want to buy, and if you have a good store nearby that has an extensive selection you should be able to find some of the hard copy Ben 10 games. Online gaming is fun, but sometimes you need to take things further and get some of the platform-based games and invest a little into your gaming. If you’ve got a good console, it’s worth it to check out some of the Ben 10 console games like Ben 10: Protector of Earth or Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction.

Online Shopping

If you want to get good deals on non-online Ben 10 games, you’ll often find the best prices by shopping online rather than in local stores. Online stores usually have the best sales and bargains, and with a quick search you can find some very affordable options.

Online gaming is the most affordable and often the most fun way to play Ben 10 games—take the Ben10Fire website as a great example—but it can be a nice change to get some games for your desktop, your Xbox, or your PlayStation, or whatever console you prefer. Ben 10 games are among the most popular on the market right now, and if you’ve never tried them you should check out some of the online options.

Reviews for London 2012 Video Game

The reviews are in for the new video game London 2012 and it seems like overall, players have some unique fun to look forward to, but many feel the game lacks in various departments. Video game reviewers have given positive and negative feedback for the game that gives players a chance to grab Olympic gold. Yet, players can determine if the game is more than a virtual reality of what Olympic athletes’ experience.

London 2012 is a video game available for PS3, Xbox and PC. It includes 12 games such as discus and skeet shooting. The video game project by Sega, decided which games to include which may bring a mix reaction to players. Weightlifting and ping pong are other games available. Some reviewers thought that sports such as martial arts and BMX would have made the cut for the game but were left out.

According to several reviewers, each event on the game doesn’t require much when it comes to rudimentary controls (about 2 or 3). The game makes the 100-metre dash look too easy with the just a push of a button. While the game offers several different sports to play, some reviewers felt the game lacked creativity when it came to doing something different with simple functions. There seems to be a lack of challenge in the game that could lead to some players getting bored quickly. One reviewer claims the game seems to be something more suited for the late 80’s game console Sega Genesis.

As far as the graphics go for the game, many agree the scenery is life-like. It makes a good portrait of what the Olympic Games looks like from the flags, crowds filling the stands, streamers and even old venues. The game includes great graphics of London landmarks including the Eye. Some feel the motion graphics could have been better but they are just enough to make it look as if you are part of the event. The game has 3D effects which add more excitement for gamers with 3D TV.

Reviewers agree that London 2012 is best enjoyed with a group of players. Online you can play with up to 8 people while on the gaming console you can play with up to 4. There are different battles with the computer version that lets players compete for metals.

While the game offers some fun, many reviewers feel the game as a whole fell short. Many feel the developers could have done more in different aspects. Many reviewers feel they are better off just watching the Olympics on television. But, it could be a good game for those who are beginners as far as playing video games go. The screen shots for the game look almost like the real thing. The colors are bold, bright and definitely have a 3D effect. The swimmers game video shot gives a good idea of what gamers can expect visually. Yet, reviewers feel the graphics are probably the best highlight London 2012 has to offer.

Worms Reloaded review

Countless stories can be told about this memorable game of the ‘90s where we were literally spending tens of hours trying to get the blue worms team over the read one. Hundreds of wars, millions of bullets and lots of napalm strikes have created this magnificent game where the worms are in an endless fight.

Most gamers player Worms while it was a game for many tastes among worldwide players, with simple rules, decent graphics and depending on how many folks are playing it is for those long-runners where one cannot get bored while decimating the enemy troops. As Chessmaster was re-designed and launched under different versions, so is the Worms Reloaded, a more polished and good looking game but not so different from Xbox Live’s Worms Armageddon. Basically, each combatant has now 45 seconds to consider his move and the simple goal of this game is to eliminate all opponent worms of different colours. If one will decide to play online this game, the rules are becoming more rigid in “Ranked” mode while worms cannot be changed during a battle, so it’s better for those strategists considering each and every move.

Some weapons are nowhere to be find in this version, some new ones have made their appearance, however the classic ones like Bazooka, Ninja Rope and Teleport are still here. New “tools” are Buffalo of Lies, Worship, magnets and many interesting others. The landscape is destroyable as in the previous versions and the fire and explosion looks much better now due to the higher resolution used in Worms Reloaded.

Team customisation has suffered some changes as well: along with assigning names for each member, for the entire team and the funny voices, the developers have also added hats to each and any team member, which strenghten the amusement of this game. Although this game is mostly created for multiplayer rounds, one can easily select the single player mode and play 35 missions, from skirmish to racing against time ones. Thus the first missions are really a piece of cake, by the time passes by and you advance through the final missions, full dedication is necesarily to have a chance against the evil AI.

As usual, Terrain Editor is simple and easy to use, but there are complains stating it would be great that saved maps to have the possibility of being shared online. However this not being a “pictures sharing” application, it’s enough that we are allowed to create maps and try to destroy the enemy worms while playing on our creation.

In the end, Worms Reloaded is not a revolutionary innovation but only like an add-on to the previous versions released in the past. The 3D versions of these series were all not so appreciated and by releasing a new 2D version more addapted to our times is more than welcomed among these series’ fans. A major plus would be the SteamWorks integration, a great step toward multiplayer organising.

Games and Bingo

games and bingo

Hone Your Gaming Skills With Online Bingo

So you think that video games have nothing to do with bingo? Well, there are actually much stronger links between the two kinds of entertainment than you might think. Video games demand concentration, fast reactions, dexterity and problem solving abilities from their players – so does bingo!

That’s right, online bingo is the new video game of choice for many gaming fans. Bingo demands a high level of concentration, as the numbers called need to be marked off the card; reaction times need to be quick as numbers can follow each other in close succession and you wouldn’t want to miss one; dexterity and problem solving skills are required to keep track of multiple cards at once and keep your hands on the right one. There are so many similarities in the skills involved in these different kinds of gaming – the transition from one to the other should be a piece of cake!

Of course the extra incentive for bingo players is that when they play their favourite games, they always stand the chance of winning some money, which can often be a massive jackpot. In fact, the jackpots available at online bingo rooms can be huge, especially the progressive jackpots come into play. These progressive jackpots are potential payouts which just keep on growing.

Online bingo sites also have lots of side games to keep players entertained outside of – or alongside – the bingo rooms. These slot games also often have a progressive jackpot and the amounts won in the end can run into millions of pounds!

Many video game fans are turning to bingo for a different yet skill-related kind of gaming experience. Even more are looking to online bingo as their first step towards the bingo halls. Of course, what can put many people off the idea of trying out bingo is that they think they need to pay a large deposit to get started. This simply is not true. These days there are many bingo sites offering no deposit bingo, so that players can sign up and begin playing for free right away.

The free bingo available at these sites even has real money jackpots available to be won. So you can win cash for playing no deposit bingo! If you do choose to deposit some money at these sites, however, this can often enable you to take part in higher paying games with larger jackpots. The good thing about depositing money at online bingo sites is also that the first deposit usually attracts a large welcome bonus, sometimes of over 250%. So you can more than double your money easily by choosing your site wisely.

Playing at no deposit bingo sites has other attractions despite the obvious lack of financial risk involved. For example, all online bingo sites have a social element that is highly developed and many gamers enjoy their chat as much as their bingo. There are rooms full of fellow bingo players to chat to as well as friendly chat hosts who are there to ensure the gaming action runs smoothly – and inject some fun into the action themselves.

So if you love your video games, then check out the new craze for online bingo – a different yet related way to enjoy your gaming time at the screen!

Indian Firm Getting into Video Games

Indian Firms set to get into Videgames
An Indian firm is aiming to be a global player in the video games market.

Ronnie Screwvala, chairman of media & entertainment company, UTV Group, said that his firm had invested £75m (5.5bn rupees) in three game titles.

The first of these – a action game called El Shaddai, inspired by the Book of Enoch – is due for release later this year.

But Piers Harding-Rolls, an analyst with Screen Digest, said that it was a “tough market” to launch new brands.

Mr Screwvala told BBC News that UTV was expanding into the global games market, as it was the next logical step for the firm.

“In India, we are already the number one movie studio in the country and we have five genre specific television channels too,” he said.

“We were looking where we could drive content and the creation of intellectual property (IP) content, because that is where we believe maximum wealth can be derived.

“And that is where games came up. We looked at the geography, there were limitations where India is concerned – except for mobile platforms – and so we needed to expand our market.
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“Start Quote

India has yet to get into the cultural habit of video gaming”

End Quote Ronnie Screwvala

Mr Screwvala said that his firm made a number of acquisitions two years ago, buying up an Indian development studio specialising in mobile gaming, UK developer Ignition and has set up a separate development studio in Gainesville, Florida.

The firm has three console titles currently in development and is now looking to secure a distributor before the games are released.

Mr Harding-Rolls said that releasing new IP into a mature market was not without risk.

“When you get past a certain stage in a consoles lifecycle, the titles that work tend to be sequels and reworking of existing contents,” he said.

This is due, in part, to brands being established in the minds of gamers.

“If you’re coming fresh to the market, you are not going to get the benefit of that, because by the time they look to release potential sequels there could be a new console,” he added.
New consoles

Screen Digest thinks that there will be a new XBox and Wii by 2013 and 2014 for a new PlayStation, although they said that estimate would be “at the earliest”.

“There’s less money being spent on games compared to last year, but games are still selling and its a substantial market, albeit declined slightly year on year,” said Mr Harding Rolls.

source/full story: bbc

REN: The Celestial Tournament

Morphee Interactive, a new independent developer and publisher of video games online from France, announces the launch of its first game, REN: The Celestial Tournament in November 2009 with an open beta in October.

About REN: The Celestial Tournament

REN is a card game multiplayer online playable on the browser, where you can create your avatar and get into the exciting battles against thousands of players. Creating your avatar is fully customizable with a multitude of options. You embody one of the three races that are the mysterious Yao, the terrible and mysterious Nuva Shen. Once created your avatar it will gain power as you win fights and depending on the items you equip.

The system of the original game will surprise you with the endless possibilities it offers, and this in spite of the simplicity of amazing handling. You can challenge your friends in a friendly game and so you cause to participate in many tournaments and events that allow you to win prestigious awards.

Like most major MMORPGs, REN will give you the opportunity to get together in guilds to develop strategies group and enjoy many bonuses increasing the power of your avatar in combat. You will also be possible to trade with thousands of players REN offering to buy copies of the map of your avatar or selling some equipment.

For additional information about the game and to register for the closed beta test will take place at least October 2009, go here. You can watch the trailer of the game and return regularly for new details about the universe by putting REN Online dev blog dedicated to REN.

Here are some screenshoots:

[nggallery id=1]

Former player of Grand Turismo, became a successful pilot

gran-turismoA young man of 22 years in Spain, Lucas Ordonez is the protagonist of an incredible story: He could move his passion for car racing in the state of the gamer on PalyStation to pilot a race car in car competitions in the real world .

Ordonez wanted small to become a racing driver, but dropped acetic dream of lack of money. He could give up everything but his passion for racing cars and in his spare time, when not preparing his MBA, he started to play Grand Turismo and other games of genre on PlayStation.

In 2008, he enrolled in the European PlayStation competition, contest organized by Sony in an attempt to find the best “virtual driver. He won the tournament, surpassing a total of almost 25,000 competitors consierabil. As a prize, Ordonez was invited to represent their country at PlayStation GT Academy, a camp where gamers Pasino Car games can learn how to become a racing driver in the real world.

Young has changed as the PS controller and couch at home with a real race car on a real track. Contrary to popular belief that says that virtual drivers did nothing to do with driving in reality, Ordonez proved to be a talented pilot with a lot of potential. He continued to participate in small European competitions, the RJN Motorsport team Team, in the UK, managing to earn his pilot license professional.

He went on GTA Dubai International 24 Hour race, where, at the end of 451 laps and traveled 2431km in 24 hours, was ranked ninth of the league, tied with former Formula 1 pilot, Johnny Herbert, who then became mentor.

Still competing for the RJN Motorsports, Lucas Ordonez won a very important tournament, GTA Cup European Championship. After such a successful, orderly can fully enjoy both moral satisfaction, especially financial, of a pilot Careiului professional that wants to follow in the future.

Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Grand Turismo series said processing order of gamer in the pilot’s success is a dream come true for him. “For ten years we hope to happen here all that. I always thought someone good at Gran Turismo could be as fast as a professional pilot, in fact, I think it could be even faster than that.” said Yamauchi.

Meanwhile, Sony is preparing for a 2010 GT Academy camp for an even higher number of candidates who will be elected all of the winners of a contest for Grand Turismo on PS3.

New motion controllers for the PS3

The latest news from Sony is exciting for gamers who own PlayStation 3. They may get new motion controllers sometimes in 2010. The new controllers will let you have better control over the game. The new sensors will be able to follow your eyes as well with an attached camera. There are around 20 titles which would work with new device. Sony made the announcement in Tokyo at game show.

The visual feedback system has been employed to sense the movement and it would become much easier to focus on the game. Current controllers fall short of expectations and many players find it really difficult to control the game sometimes. The new device will work on your movements and the pressure of hand will give it the sense of motion. The updated software will be able to understand the movements and would let you have good experience with the new titles.

The gaming industry has been experimenting with many ideas. Many such ideas involve much of scientific research into human motions. The new game engines are better equipped to handle the requirements and give you the joy of playing your best games. The touch based games are no where in the radar for now. Touch screens are available but still you have to control your game with controllers supplied with the console.

The games can evolve on the lines of touch sense technology which lets you feel the scene and texture. Immersion is a company which creates the hardware which is based upon the force feedback mechanism and it lets you feel the action on the screen. If these capabilities are put into any game, it is going to be real killer game in the market. Imagine yourself feeling the gun you hold in the game. The possibilities are endless. It is just an idea for gaming industry.