Just wait until the 20th of December

I know that many of you were probably annoyed by the Halo 3 brutes, mainly because they got in the way of your main objective. From the looks of it, Master Chief will not be the only playable character in the upcoming Halo game.

This is only a rumor as xbox360fanboy.com admits, but apparently, brutes will be playable in Halo 3. They got this tip from YLA G-the creator of GooMGC, some sort of a Google application for the Xbox
360. Furthermore, YLA G reveals that a new video showing playable brutes will hit Xbox Live Marketplace on the 20th of December.

The video is supposed to be seven minutes long and supposed to show all the features of the playable brutes as well as their backstory. About 2 and a half minutes of the video is supposed to be gameplay. If this turns out to be true, it could be huge. As xbox360fanboy.com points out, playable brutes will bring up many questions. Will they still have the same dome protection and headshot defecting skull caps? What about some berserker attacks?

No matter what happens with this rumor, Halo 3’s release date is not yet revealed. We don’t know anything more than the year in which it will come out-it will be released in 2007, if there was anyone left on this planet that didn’t already know that. Of course, it will be an Xbox 360 exclusive, but a Vista version of Halo 2 will come in the first quarter of 2007.
Source: softpedia.com