Intelligence agencies are mentioning an increase in terrorist activity in every nook and cranny of the planet. The secret services are in a decidedly uncomfortable spot, given the latest resounding failures. The CT Special Forces unit will once again be called upon to diffuse a series of conflicts that have democracies around the globe highly concerned.

Armed with high-tech weaponry and cutting-edge equipment, you’ll need to thwart the plans of terrorist groups and ensure peace in several regions of the world. The combat support offered by two helicopters will be far from superfluous.

The terrorist threat is greater than it ever was in the past…


Play in 5 worlds and at 20 different levels with 4 playable characters

A captivating storyline, engage the worst bad guys in a worldwide fight!

Exclusive game modes: along with sniper and shoot’em up action, you’ll also be able to drive a series of vehicles and save hostages by using your helicopter

All the modern warfare weaponry: shotgun, smart-grenades, bazookas, knives, assault rifles…

Dozens of different enemies: will you dare confront killers and highly trained paratroopers?

Challenge mode: via the Cable Link, play in “Time Attack” with friends!

Note: Source: Hip Games