The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate Christmas than by gathering with friends and family for some festive fun? With the rise of online gaming platforms, you can now enjoy classic board games with loved ones near and far. In this article, we’ll introduce to top 10 best free online Christmas board games in the UK, providing you with hours of entertainment and a dash of holiday cheer.

Board Game Arena

Let’s kick things off with a platform that hosts a plethora of board games, from classics to modern hits. Board Game Arena offers an extensive collection of fine  games that you can play with friends or join a global community. The platform is simple to use and offers players of all skill levels a smooth experience.

Catan Universe

Take yourself on a quick trip to the island of Catan, via Catan Universe. This digital adaptation of the classic board game lets you trade, build and settle virtually with buddies. This forms the basis of an excellent choice for gamers who enjoy high-level strategy and competition. The online version is a microcosm of the original work, faithfully keeping to its spirit.


If you are looking for a place to play all your favourite classic board and card games, then Pogo is the spot. There are all kinds of games for Christmas: From Monopoly to Scrabble, to play with friends and family. Visit Pogo’s huge collection at


If you’re into more visually striking and immersive games, then your stop is at Tabletopia. This platform offers a variety of 3D board games with realistic graphics. Bring your loved ones to the digital table and experience the joy of holiday games such as Ticket to Ride or Carcassonne.

Dominion Online

Dominion is a popular deck-building card game around the world. Today, you can surf it with friends online in a game called Dominion Online. This fun and fast-paced game requires that you build a kingdom, choose your deck strategically, and battle for victory.

Board Game Geek

Board Game Geek is not just a platform for information; it also provides a variety of online games to play.  No matter whether you’re a party gamemaster, strategist or adventure seeker–there is something here for everybody to enjoy. Take a voyage of discovery into the world of board games and find some new friends for Christmas.

Sushi Go Party! Online

If you’re a fan of adorable sushi-themed cards and strategic gameplay, Sushi Go Party! is a must-try. Play this delightful game online at and compete with friends to create the most delectable combinations. It’s a lighthearted and engaging choice for a Christmas gaming session.

Uno Friends

Uno has been a classic card game for generations, and now you can play it with friends online through Uno Friends. The digital version follows the original rules to a T, adding new features and challenges. It’s time to take turns shrieking “Uno!” and enjoy one of life ‘s greatest delights.

Online Chess

Challenge your friends to a game of chess on, one of the most popular online chess platforms. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, chess is as old-fashioned and intimate as can be. If your Christmas celebrations are going to be at all sophisticated then why not add some chess?


At Arkadium, explore a world of free online board games. From old favorites to innovative new games, Arkadium offers a fun gaming experience for all. To bring a little more holiday spirit into your games, give their festive board games a go.

During the Christmas season, enjoy the pleasure of playing online board games with friends. For the complete fun and enjoyment of Christmas, here we recommend free online games Board Games Top 10 We’ve got all your favourite strategic adventure board game as well as creative drawing games So sign up, and assemble your friends and relatives virtually. Click on the links involved; let’s get this party started!