Here’s am interesting fact for you: over 35 million copies of Gran Turismo have been sold in the world. That’s more than half the population to the UK. That’s also equivalent to entire Xbox and GameCube owing population of the world combined. Most GT fans will already be familiar with the Arcade Mode, which enables players to Quick Race against Al opponents is set cars on set racks, and the career Simulation mode, where the real substance of the game lies. The winning formula that made GT3 such a massive success on console will appear in Gran Truismo 4, but this time the series will be unleashed on players all around the world with the addition of much anticipated Online mode.

GT4’s network enables play will give all broadband users the chance to compete against five other players around the world, in whatever cars they happen to have unlocked. When the fact that there are around five hundred cars in the game is taken into account, this could make the next installment in Polyphony Digital’s series one of the most varied and exciting online driving experiences ever.

The other addition of the game comes in the form of the rather gimmick feeling Photo mode. This feature enables players to really show off their crazy feelings towards the game’s stunning cars, as the option to travel to various exotic locations and take pictures is what Photo mode is all about. GT4 is Sony’s massive title, and an ordinary racer wont cut it against the opposition on the sales grid.