Xbox 360 based latest game Halo 3: ODST sold millions of the copies on its day of release. It has broken all the records of sales in the gaming industry. Total sales figures are enough to dwarf Hollywood movies. It is real big business and games are not just kid’s business anymore. Thousands of the people play video games world over, ranging in all age groups. Killzone 2 is just behind the Halo 3 in sales. Halo 3 renders the breath taking action along with the catching sound. It is all new game from Microsoft. The developers have invested good amounts in developing new gaming engine especially for this game. Halo is first person shooter science fiction based game series. You take on the role of a soldier in game you are referred as Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST).

Game is set in 26th Century and it features the world of future assuming aliens have invaded earth and humans are under the unified command to combat the aliens. Game is pretty interesting and has a very crisp story line and plot is very complex. The game has been ranked positive and almost all the critics ranked the game above 85%. There is no game which is even near to it in sales figures. It has created history of sales around the world. This is the game for those who like to have fun and keep themselves hooked to their gaming consoles. Gamers are finding it worth of the money spent on this title. Xbox sale is also picking up because this game has created the interest even in those who never owned any console.  The gaming industry is evolving at very fast speed. The latest sales figures are comparable to the Hollywood movies. There are more games coming this year which may create new records. It is interesting industry of video games.