They say the bundle isn’t happening, but do we believe them?

Microsoft always says they don’t comment on rumors and speculation, but over at the Gamerscore Blog run by Microsoft employees, they mention how the company “proudly launching” the HD DVD Player as an accessory, not built in to Xbox 360’s hardware, as little birdies have been suggesting. Hmm.

“Turns out you want a say in how you spend your entertainment dollars. So who are we to burden every customers with the cost of expensive movie technology?”

A more caustic remark couldn’t have possibly been produced from their lips, as it just comes off as a bunch of spin — why couldn’t the company offer both HD-DVD and non-HD-DVD SKUs? The spin here doesn’t work.

The blog continues with praise of the HD-DVD format and how it’s “winning the early reviews” encouraging the readers to just “read the reviews” — extremely easy when they don’t provide a link.

To summarize: no internal HD-DVD 360 SKU is “officially” in the works.