The Ninja Gaiden series began in 1988 as a side scrolling beat-em-up arcade game, but quickly gained popularity as a three part series on Nintendo Entertainment system from 1989 to 1991. Sonically enhanced versions of the NES games appeared on the Super NES in 1995 with Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, after which Ryu Hayabusa vanished for many years, resurfacing only briefly as a playable character in Tecmo’s Dead or Alive fighting game series. Nine years later, Ryu is back in Ninja Gaiden Black for the Xbox. This game has been well worth the wait; it surpasses all your expectations with stunning detailed graphics and interaction environments, fast paced action with great control and enough unlockable secrets to wear out your controller buttons. The gameplay is very different from the old versions of the Ninja Gaiden; there are huge variety of excellent combos and magic in the game. Actually this game was made to compete with the Sony title God of War. The game is awesome with highly detailed graphics. Make no mistake: Ryu has returned, and he is here to crush the competition!