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Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Pushed Back

It has been rumored that Final Fantasy 15 may have been pushed back two months, it seems to be true.



Final Fantasy 15 was awarded a release date back in March, apparently setting an end date for a wait of ten years. But those of you who have booked leave from September 30 may want to see if your boss is willing to be flexible, because it sure looks like the RPG won’t make it.

Rumours began to circulate this weekend that Final Fantasy 15 has been pushed back to November 29 on PS4 and Xbox One.

If true, the delay is likely to be difficult and expensive for Square Enix; publishers have to negotiate with retailers for shelf space, and that is a more involved process than you probably realize. It’s also a little bit embarrassing, owing to how highly its (Final Fantasy XV) publishers has announced its release date to be  September 30.

But it is quite better we see Final Fantasy 15 delayed and wait for a well packaged and awesome game rather  than get anything lesser than the best from this game since we have been waiting for too long.


Biggest Gaming Event in Europe Gamescom Expect 300,000 fans


This week the biggest gaming event will be hosted in Germany. In Cologne more than 300,000 gamers are expected.

For Xbox it was not easy year since this console was beaten by PlayStation 4. The recent conference of Microsoft gaming console gave some positive expectations for the future of Xbox.

Some new games, according to their announcements, will be released soon. Crackdown is probably the first and the most expected game that will be available on Xbox console. The original Xbox game was not very successful and developers trying to make a big progress in open world shooter.

New game Scalebound could be announced on the upcoming event too. At the moment we do not know much about this game, last year developers released game trailer and that is all. The idea belongs to the creators of Bayonetta – RPG niche. So we are waiting for release date.

Xbox bosses hope that new games and other events will encourage gamers to choose Xbox over PlayStation 4.

Speaking about Playstation 4, we are not expecting to see big announcements in Germany. Sony’s console will release big games in October. Some analytics of game world say that it is not a good move because it gives Xbox a free hit at the publicy.

According to the rumours, Sony can reveal a God of War 4 trailer at Gamescom.

Gamers can try for the first time Metal Gear Solid 5 and Dark Souls 3 among other games. Dark Souls franchise is expected to be a pretty huge. Metal Gear Solid 5 is taking an open world environment for the first time.


Bizzard, the developers of World of Warcraft, will announce a new expansion for the game. According to the recent statistics, the number of people who play multiplayer online games is decreasing so this is a good opportunity to make it more popular again.

The Much Anticipated FIFA 12

As FIFA has become a yearly thing now and we expect and see new and improved FIFA every year. FIFA 12 is anticipated to deliver what FIFA 11 did not. This time around the game is expected to have good and satisfying career and as far as the gameplay is concerned, it was really good in FIFA 11 but some tweaks has been done in it too.
Talking of few tweaks, FIFA 12 has been augmented with few significant additions and the most important one is the precision dribbling. This tactic is pretty helpful when dealing with the dealing with defenders as it buys you sometime by taking small steps. Another thing which helps while defending is the shadowing of the ball carrier, giving them hard time to get to the goal. FIFA 12 also provides the defenders with many like tools but that is not all the AI has been improved significantly and if you are not careful they will outright abuse you.
They have tried to make the gameplay as much natural as they can. Things are much less predictable this time and gives you a different experience when going against the ball carrier due to new physics engine. While keeping the possession of the ball is little easier when being tackled or attacked, sometimes it does feel that the possession is programmed. As far as the aerial game is concerned, it is still the same so particular changes has been made there. FIFA 12 looks pretty much good with new and improved tackling and much is anticipated regarding the game. The game will be hitting the markets soon in few weeks.

Gears of War 3 out Now

Gears of War 3 is now out and almost everyone with Xbox 360 is running no game but Gear of War 3 on their console. Gears of War 3 was a much anticipated game and so far it is living up to the expectations but we will see what happens when Modern Warfare 3 will hits stores in few months since then it is all Gears of War 3.

The real theme of the campaign is pretty much of the same as you have to fight and efface every non-human thing or aliens that come in your way but as far as the scope of the game and its execution is concerned the game is very profound and epic this time.

After playing for about only 20 minutes you are faced with the first boss of the game, an ugly monstrous fight that fulfills your appetite for epicness and brutality. The game commences between the main guy Marcus Fenix and Augustus Cole also known as Cole Train.

This time around you are faced with two enemies one gooey and the other grubby, the Lambent and the Locust. Battling for your survival as the human race is deteriorating by more and more casualties, the Gears of War 3 is a perfect blend of action and thrill.

Another great thing about GOW 3 is the co-op play. They have moved from two player co-op to four playrer co-op, this might not sound great but once you experience it then you come to know about its significance. It creates an air of camaraderie among the players.


Gears of War 3 Themed Controller: The Red Skull Controller

With the news game coming up in this month and the following month, everyone is coming up with game accessories. Few days back Sony announced to release the Uncharted 3 theme controller for PlayStation 3and now Evil Controllers has happen to announce their brand new controller for Xbox 360, Gears of War 3 themed. It is called the Red Skull pad based on the Gears of War logo and the color scheme of the controller is smoking red. You will be able to get your hands on the controller on the release date of Gears of War 3.
The layout of the controller is little bit different from the standard Xbox 360 controller. The face buttons have been replaced with gold nuts and the D-pad has been segregated, each separate button, making more easy to move around and less possibilities for error. And the overall color scheme is splendid, painted in red smokes.
Evil Controllers are also working on other Xbox 360 controllers and accessories for the upcoming games in the following months. Halo 4 accessories as well as Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3are on the way.
For more information regarding the Red Skull Controller, its price and upgrade options log on to the Evil Controllers’ Official website. There are plenty of stuff to know about, the new Gears of War 3 themed controller will start off with $79.99 starting 12th of September. You can also preorder them through the Evil Controllers website and earn some bonuses. Stay in touch to know what is there needed to be known.


Burn XBOX360 Games for free

You can now download games and play them on your Xbox360 with the help of extreme firmwares and it works for all the versions of Xbox 360. Are far as those games are concerned which you already possess, you just need to burn their backups, after downloading them. We are not responsible if anyone gets fined, arrested or deported.

You will require few things before starting off, you will need XBOX360 w/ extreme firmware update, a Clone CD Xbox 360 SS Merger 1.5o and DVD+R dual layered

First of all you need to download the game you wish to play from where you like but newsgroups is recommended as it works faster and is reliable for downloading anything. There are different types of rips so, before doing anything ensure the rip of the game. Straight rips are the one which have some problem and cannot be used yet but those which are patchable or are already patched work smoothly. This article will help you regarding patching and stuff. You can figure out what type of rip the game is by checking .nfo file that arrives along with most of the games.
The ones which cannot be used right now are the directly rips, currently it is impossible to handle them and are inadequate.
The second ones are the Extreme rips that requires patching, these are the ones which can be used but require patching according to the right .bin file before any use. You will get to know from where to access them and the method regarding patching the files later in this tutorial. Once patched burn the rip and you are good to go.

The last one is Extreme rips that are already patched. You don’t need to do anything with them. All of these three rips are found in .rar format, so download the rip, unrar it, burn and there you go. It’s the most efficient way.

First step: For the right working of the game requires the right patching of the game without which Xbox 360 will not be able to hold the game and for that you require Xbox 360 SS Merger 1.5o. Load ISO by opening the program, hit the yes button to verify the MD5, after few minutes you will get MD5 number. Now load the ss.bin file which comes along the game. Load it and if it shows both the boxes green and numbers matched then it means you patched the right file, it might take few minutes after that load the file.

Skip step 1 if you possess a already patched (pre-patched) ISO.

Second step: Open the clone CD, open it and copy the file then select the new ISO. You should not face any problem regarding its working.

To burn you will require Dual Layered DVD+R any format other than this won’t work and be sure to burn at 2x so that the game can easily be read, it’s pretty much important.

Third step: Run the game on your Xbox 360 and have fun, it is also compatible with XBOX Live.

How to Get Better at NBA 2K11

Practice makes a man perfect, well that an old, cliché phrase but it really works for NBA 2K11. If you really want to develop skills in this game you have got to use the Practice mode. For instance if you want to improve your shot’s timing try practicing in freestyle or get better at playing offensively by using Practice Mode over and over again.

Even if you are a veteran and familiar with the NBA recent series still you will notice that many things has been tweaked out. The IsoMotion control system has been augmented and patched up a little. And if you want to get better at this there is tutorial which offers wide variety of skills and let you go through all the skills and moves, giving a good overview of the game. Players are highly recommended to play through it. Things have been altered quite a lot in NBA 2K11 and the game is all about skills so you got to practice.

Go to Main Menu then to Game Modes then to Practice and select Freestyle or you can go to Main Menu then to Game Modes then to Practice and select Plays

You will find that some of the highly skill players are not performing to the best of their abilities, that is because you are not controlling them well. If you wish to advance your skills and game keep your eye on player tendencies. This feature has been put in this year. It helps you to gain full benefit of each player’s unique skill set, pushing yourself beyond the basic skill, gaining more skill points and exploring deeper into the things.

Player tendencies also come in handy when you are up against your opponents. If you are aware about what your opponents are good at or what they like to do, use this information work on it and attempt to prevent it.

Go to Main Menu then to Manage Roster and select Tendencies

Another thing that can help to understand offensive plays is Playbook. To understand it watch the videos in your playbook. The videos are well animated with diagrams that are easy to comprehend with dots and numbers. Skim through it and decided which one best suits you and then work at it by practicing.

Go to the Main Menu then to Manage Roster and select Playbook or go to Main Menu then to Games Mode then to Practice and select Plays

Exploring LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Sea: The Videogame

Gold Bricks and Exploration

The game’s primary area is mainly made up of huge level select area but as you gain Gold Bricks you can access some new areas. From the level select area, you can:

•    Access the beach area by moving towards the camera
•    To obtain Minikit docks and building through the right hand gate spend 8 Bricks
•    To obtain a bar and a hut through the left hand gate spend 12 Bricks
After completing the Story mode there is still a lot more to do if you wish to complete the game 100%. By going through the level select areas again in Free Play mode, you will find each and every Minikit and compass items along with hitting each level’s True Pirate quota. These things are important as they help to earn Gold Brick. In total there are 84 Gold Bricks are available throughout the entire 20 levels:
•    As 1 Brick per level completed , by completing  each of the five levels on all four movie maps in the Story mode you get 20 Gold Bricks
•    By finding all 10 Minikits in each level you get total of 24 Gold Bricks, getting 1 brick after each movie’s Minikit dock.
•    By finding all the eight compass items in every level you get 20 Gold Bricks
•    As 1 Brick each level, you get total of 20 Gold Bricks from achieving the True Pirate quota.
After getting all 84 Gold Bricks, you now have access to a new special fifth area of the Port:
The Ride
After you collected all 84 Gold Bricks go through the left hand gate in the Port and there you find some gold buildable Lego pieces near the cannons. Open the golden gate nearby by building the structure out of those pieces and enter into The Ride.
You commence The Ride as Jack and Angelica in the Story mode. You can have characters or purchase Red Hats if still required by collecting tons of studs and clinging to what you can. Once you have taken down all the enemies you will require to confront Barbossa. The fight is pretty much simple, simply attack him as he draws near and then wait for him to retreat. After you have taken all the six of his hearts, the gate will unlock, hop into the boat by hitting the character button and continue.
Carry on to the next room; confront Maccus and Hadras along with some other enemies. After that you will face Davy Jones who will be more aggressive than barbossa. Once you have taken Davy Jones down another gate will open leading you to the final room. Hop into your boat again and keep moving.

The last room will lead you back to the Fountain of Youth. There you will face quite a few enemies before facing two distinct characters. Defeating random pirates and taking on Gunner and Quartermaster, you will find yourself facing Blackbeard. Just like Davy Jones Blackbeard will be aggressive and will not flee between the combos. Taken him down by six quick hits, hit the character button and jump into your boat.
By now you have beaten the level and as a reward you get 85th and the last Gold Brick. This helps you to visit The Ride in Free Play mode just in case if you are planning on to visit it with different character.
Ten custom characters can be created through the left hand gate in the Port. Using the Barrel Switch raise the bridge to the hut and move on to the second floor inside. Choose any of the characters and then use the character select screen to select them later.

PAX: Quick Look at Battlefield 3

Battlefield bad company is has made its mark in the gaming world and is known for its highly augment visuals and graphics and great sound and gameplay. The franchise has so far produced two parts and they were great both visually and story wise and at E3 Battlefield manifested a teaser of Battlefield 3 which is another addition into the franchise.

At PAX, I managed to get my hands on Battlefield 3 and it was fantabulous. Just outright an awesome looking game, Battlefield rivaled the FPS giant Call of Duty and after playing Battlefield 3, to be honest even I’m not sure who is going to win, but I have a feeling that it would be Battlefield. After playing a quick sort of demo of Battlefield 3 I can say that the environment looks so exquisite, sound effects are splendid and weapons looked realistic and controls were very responsive. I played the PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 3and it felt great.

The co-op mode of the game looks great, the co-op mode is totally  based on teamwork and those who do not possess good enough first person shooter skills, like me, were able to manage the task quite well as gameplay is made for both pros and noobs. As compared to previous versions the game really stands out in terms of graphics, atmosphere and gameplay. As far as the rivalry against COD is still a question mark and it can only be decided by time, may the best game wins.

PAX: Quantum Conundrum

Out of the many awesome games shown at PAX this year, Quantum Conundrum was the one that grabbed my attention. From the creators of Portal comes another mind boggling new twisted games but rather than creating holes in the wall in this you are supposed to sway between the different dimensions by shifting the world around you.

You play as young but who is found on the doorstep of his weird scientist uncle. His uncle has been working on a strange invention called the Iner-Dimensional Shift Device that allows you to sway between the different dimensions and helps in altering the channels of existence. Now the story starts as your uncle goes missing and now it is your job to use that device to solve the labyrinthine mansion and rescue your uncle back home.

Quantum Conundrum and Portal are of pretty much the same concept down to the core. In Quantum Conundrum you go from room to room solving puzzles and riddles just like in Portal. For instance if your destination is too high you can use chair to help you out but the chair is too heavy to lift, just switch to fluffy dimension and everything becomes light as feather.

If you still cannot reach your desired point switch to anti-gravity dimension and use the floating objects to fulfill your task.

You can navigate between a total of five dimensions to jump over the obstacle and puzzles that come in your way. So far only three dimensions were shown which are fluffy, anti-gravity and slow motion, each dimension with its own significance.