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Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Pushed Back

It has been rumored that Final Fantasy 15 may have been pushed back two months, it seems to be true.



Final Fantasy 15 was awarded a release date back in March, apparently setting an end date for a wait of ten years. But those of you who have booked leave from September 30 may want to see if your boss is willing to be flexible, because it sure looks like the RPG won’t make it.

Rumours began to circulate this weekend that Final Fantasy 15 has been pushed back to November 29 on PS4 and Xbox One.

If true, the delay is likely to be difficult and expensive for Square Enix; publishers have to negotiate with retailers for shelf space, and that is a more involved process than you probably realize. It’s also a little bit embarrassing, owing to how highly its (Final Fantasy XV) publishers has announced its release date to be  September 30.

But it is quite better we see Final Fantasy 15 delayed and wait for a well packaged and awesome game rather  than get anything lesser than the best from this game since we have been waiting for too long.


Sony May Release A PS4 Slim As Well As The PS4 Neo In Sept

Sony has just confirmed that the PlayStation Neo and the PS4 Slim will be the last of the “upgrades” for the PlayStation 4, signaling the could be the end of the console’s cycle.


A PS4 Slim is on the cards despite the forthcoming PS4 Neo, according to financial chatter.

The rumour comes the said consoles are to be revealed at a game show in september.

Sony did not comment on the news, and the report does not make it clear whether it was just speculations or legit informations.

A September reveal seems likely, both for PS4 Neo and any PS4 Slim revision Sony may be planning.

Everyone’s getting pretty excited anyway, because it makes a fair bit of sense: a PS4 Slim makes sense as an answer to the Xbox One Slim. With its expanded capabilities,PS4 Neo is closer in philosophy (if not power) to the Xbox Scorpio.


Biggest Gaming Event in Europe Gamescom Expect 300,000 fans


This week the biggest gaming event will be hosted in Germany. In Cologne more than 300,000 gamers are expected.

For Xbox it was not easy year since this console was beaten by PlayStation 4. The recent conference of Microsoft gaming console gave some positive expectations for the future of Xbox.

Some new games, according to their announcements, will be released soon. Crackdown is probably the first and the most expected game that will be available on Xbox console. The original Xbox game was not very successful and developers trying to make a big progress in open world shooter.

New game Scalebound could be announced on the upcoming event too. At the moment we do not know much about this game, last year developers released game trailer and that is all. The idea belongs to the creators of Bayonetta – RPG niche. So we are waiting for release date.

Xbox bosses hope that new games and other events will encourage gamers to choose Xbox over PlayStation 4.

Speaking about Playstation 4, we are not expecting to see big announcements in Germany. Sony’s console will release big games in October. Some analytics of game world say that it is not a good move because it gives Xbox a free hit at the publicy.

According to the rumours, Sony can reveal a God of War 4 trailer at Gamescom.

Gamers can try for the first time Metal Gear Solid 5 and Dark Souls 3 among other games. Dark Souls franchise is expected to be a pretty huge. Metal Gear Solid 5 is taking an open world environment for the first time.


Bizzard, the developers of World of Warcraft, will announce a new expansion for the game. According to the recent statistics, the number of people who play multiplayer online games is decreasing so this is a good opportunity to make it more popular again.

Leading Game Bloggers, Developers And Just Gamers On What They Like Most About Their Job

Gaming niche is very popular worldwide and we decided to make some expert roundup with different members of this niche. We had conversations with some popular gamers, game developers and game bloggers to tell you what each of them like most about games.



Armin Ibrisagic

I work as a PR Manager so I get to travel a lot to events and expos. which means I get to meet other friendly developers that share my passion for video games. I think that’s by far the best thing about being in the games industry. Not sure what more to say, I just really like video games, playing video games, and talking about video games. The fact that I can survive and pay my rent while doing it is even better.



Debbie Timmins

The variety of games that I get to see is simply incredible. I’ve played so many games that I wouldn’t normally risk buying and discovered some brilliant ones that I get to share with other gamers. I love analysing games to look at WHY they achieve what they do. Blogging lets me reach other people who enjoy doing the same.



Tim Oliver

The thing I like the most is the feedback. People like to reply back saying that after they read your blog, they were encouraged to try out what you were talking about, and were happy they did in the end. It lets you know your blog is actually out there, helping people, and it’s quite rewarding.



Emma Barnes

I run as a hobby rather than as a job which suits me just fine. I get to write about what I love without having to worry too much about “being professional”. I’m not a news blogger so don’t have to keeping my finger on the pulse of the industry. My readers like their little dose of the “retro” (are PS2 and GBA considered “retro” these days?!) in their lives and I’m happy to supply it. Being a games blogger allows me to look back at the great memories games have created for me (hence the title of my blog) and allows me to improve my writing style at the same time.



Chris Renshall

This is a two section answer.

Game Development Side:

The best part of being a game developer is the creative outlet game development provides. I have spent many years of my life looking for a hobby that I could get into and stick with for more than a month or two. It took me a while, but I found game design and I love it. Developing games makes perfect sense to the way my brain works. Game development is an art form that my analytical brain can grab a hold of and make a style of art that is something I am really proud of and want show to as many people who are willing to play our games. Game development, beyond the art form, is project management where I/we get to set all the rules. Yes, I am constrained by the production time for art, the physical game copies and the availability of play testers but I have the freedom to run multiple projects at one time, and work with multiple people. To me, the project management side of game development is a game. The game is to be as efficient as possible and to me that is fun. Lastly, I get to spend a lot of time with my friends because of game development. I co-design with a friend from my school days and we get to hang out and build our company into whatever we want it to be. Our strengths compliment each other very well and being able to work with someone with the same basic business goals and a skill set complimentary to mine is very rewarding. Plus, we get to bring our larger group of friends together to run alpha tests on our games. Since these are the guys that have been making fun of one another since we were in middle school, they can say whatever they want about the early problems with our games and there are no hard feelings and we know the feedback is genuine because our friends don’t feel bad for giving bad feedback the same way strangers are reluctant to vocalize. We also know that the good feedback we receive is coming from a reliable source that is willing to give criticism and praise.

Game Blogging Side:

When I started our blog, what I liked best was the fact that the act of writing a regular blog kept me on task with our own games. The idea that I wanted to write regular updates on our games meant that I needed to have something to write about. Writing a blog also forced me to focus more when we were working on our games because the more useful “bloggable material” I was able to extract from the times we were actually developing games, the more I had to write about. So initially, the best part was the unexpected focus writing a regular blog provided and being able to share the progress of our games.

Then I started to write a series about How to Build a Game and what I liked the most changed. I discovered that people actually got something out of our H2BaG blog posts. Based on comments and other forms of feedback, I started to get really excited when I would hear from readers and what they liked about our blog. What this has done is change my focus from getting motivation from sharing my projects, to being motivated to help others with theirs. Because of this, I have worked regular time into my week to get blog posts done and generate future ideas so I have plenty of material to write about in the future.

In conclusion, something I did not mention previously, is the social interaction both the development and blogging side provide. Being a game developer means you need to build a team and meeting new and talented people in the game industry is great fun. Being a blogger, you get to meet people who are on the same journey we are on. We share stories of accomplishment and challenges of the design process. The rewards from meeting new people on either the blogger or development side are plentiful and inspiring.



Lisa Hignett

My favourite aspect of being a game developer has to be the process of filtering many individual ideas and concepts for a game until they come together into fruition. Working with a team in an independent game company is so rewarding as everybody always has a unique idea on how a game should be developed; yet not all of them are necessarily worth executing. Good communication and great team morale are essential to narrow down the best ideas to develop an original title. You can spend many hours working on a game but only the titles with the most unique, risky ideas are memorable!



Beard Gamer

Essentially, BeardGamer intends to bring new fans to the hobby, and help them find new content and discover the work, reviews and videos of some incredible content creators across the globe. We wanted to build a place, a hub, where they could find a collection of great industry and player content with a comprehensive search function for hundreds of games linked to reviews, playthroughs and everything in between. I love games and this community, I just want to share that content and grow the boardgaming love and industry!


Razay Martin

I am the founder/owner of alienwolfstudios ,i am also a 3d artist. I love what i do because it allows me to explore my creative itch and im able to create anything i can put my mind to. Also because i can find others who love our games and see our artistic views. Its a pleasure to be in this business i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world.


Of course most people involved in this niche love games and that is the main reason why do they blog about games, develop games and play games.

If you are working in this niche and would like to be included too then contact us and we will include you.

Gamesareus Top Most Anticipated Video Games on PS4 for 2014

joy of video games
Most Anticipated Video Games on PS4


There are a number of PlayStation 4 games which are eagerly being awaited by gamers all over the world. Some of the top most anticipated games for the PS4 that are set to come out this year include:

Metal Gear Solid V

The return of Solid Snake has long been awaited, and it seems as though Metal Gear fans will be getting a nice surprise in the near future. Konami will soon be released Ground Zeroes, which will can be downloaded on the Playstation Network. The goal of this game will be to infiltrate an enemy camp with Big Boss, a longtime favorite of this series. With Kiefer Sutherland lending his voice to the game as well as Fox’s sophisticated technology, this game should be nothing short of amazing.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Fans have been clamoring for more ever since the Battlefront multiplayer games and they are about to be blown away again with a new game that is set to be released sometime this year for the PS4. This game was first revealed to the public at E3 and anticipation from fans has been building ever since. So far there is just a brief teaser trailer of the game which doesn’t include any actual gameplay, but it still looks pretty incredible nonetheless!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 2 was a fantastic success and part 3 is highly anticipated by fans. This new game promises some epic adventures for players as well as unbelievable graphics which are unlike anything ever seen before. In this game there will also be more quests for players to go on as well as a wide variety of armor and weapon types as well as numerous tactical battle options.

The Order: 1886

Up and coming developer Ready at Dawn has created what has become one of the most anticipated PS4 games of the year. This game is a third-person shooter and takes place in a time where humans have done battle with humanoid monsters for decades. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table gain the upper hand on the monsters until the industrial revolution changes things forever. Although the amount of in-game footage for The Order has been scarce, it definitely promises a unique storyline if nothing else.


Transistor, which is poised to be the second game from Supergiant Games, may look like a direct sequel to Bastion, the company’s first release, but in fact there are some striking differences. While the style of this game appears to be very close to that of Bastion, there is a weapon in this one which allows the main protagonist to stop time while deciding which course of action to take with a battle or puzzle. Transistor definitely looks promising and will challenge players to strategize rather than simply rush through.

The Witness

The Witness is essentially a puzzle game but has many different aspects to it which make it a very complex and interesting proposition. The setting of this game is a deserted island that is divided into 10 different sections, all of which offer up a variety of puzzles which players must solve as they work their way towards the mountain located in the dead center of the island. While there are quite a few similarities to Myst in this game, it certainly seems like it has a style all its own and a lot to offer a whole. This game is set to be released for the Playstation 4 exclusively, but only for a limited time.

Infamous: Second Son

Second Son is the third game set to be released in the Infamous series, following the story of Cole McGrath, allowing players to take control of a character named Delsin Rowe, who begins to learn of his special conduit abilities after an encounter with a fellow survivor. Similar to the previous games in this series, Second Son will be an open world platformer, giving players the opportunity to jump around and glide through the Seattle landscape while fighting agents of the Department of Unified Protection. The trailer for this game looks outstanding and fans definitely have a lot to look forward to with this one.

Madden NFL 10

Madden NFL 10
Madden NFL 10
For over 20 years now, Madden has been the number one name when it comes to football simulation video games. Year after year, the Madden NFL series from EA delivers the deepest and most realistic football experience you can find in the virtual world. Madden NFL 10 is no exception to this rule.

Madden 10 brings about a new technology called Pro-Tak that gives the player complete control of the game at every level. Whether controlling the quarterback and dodging an incoming blitz or controlling a defensive lineman trying to bring down the opposing running back, you have a new level of control that ensures the play goes your way. More players than ever can get in on each play, with up to 9-player tackles. Pro-Tak also brings offers a ton of new gameplay options. Quarterbacks get new dodge moves; the offensive line has new and more realistic blocking mechanics, and much more.

One of the most popular options in previous Madden games has always been the Franchise Mode, which lets players take control of a team and build a winning legacy. Until now, it’s always been player vs. computer controlled AI teams. With Madden 10, however, the competition is moving online. Players can enter 32-team leagues and get an experience that’s as close to running a professional football team as you can get without actually doing it. Players can take part in more than just games – there are also realistic drafts and player trades. This online franchise mode makes it easier than ever to connect with other Madden players thanks to automatically generated league websites and message boards.

Aside from the major gameplay changes, each new generation of Madden also introduces some great new graphical tweaks that help the game look more realistic. Madden NFL 10 gives every player on the field a better sense of awareness, making them follow the ball around with their heads and eyes, just like real players. There are also a lot of little touches, such as new pre- and post-game cutscenes showing players preparing for or cooling down from the game in a variety of ways. You’ll even see the “chain gang” come out on the field to measure close calls for first downs.

Key Features:
Sign into Online Franchise mode and face off against up to 31 other players in your league – both in games and over the bargaining table as you fight for trades and draft picks
New Pro-Tak animation technology allows for bigger tackles and new areas of gameplay control
A more authentic recreation of a real NFL football game than ever before, with enhanced graphics and commentary presentation, including a new end-of-the-week show called “The Extra Point”
The series debut of cooperative play – team up with a friend and take on the computer online
A revamped injury system maintains the suspense of real injuries as medical staff rush onto the field and the actual injury isn’t immediately revealed
A new fumble mechanic that requires players to match a button sequence to recover fumbles

The Much Anticipated FIFA 12

As FIFA has become a yearly thing now and we expect and see new and improved FIFA every year. FIFA 12 is anticipated to deliver what FIFA 11 did not. This time around the game is expected to have good and satisfying career and as far as the gameplay is concerned, it was really good in FIFA 11 but some tweaks has been done in it too.
Talking of few tweaks, FIFA 12 has been augmented with few significant additions and the most important one is the precision dribbling. This tactic is pretty helpful when dealing with the dealing with defenders as it buys you sometime by taking small steps. Another thing which helps while defending is the shadowing of the ball carrier, giving them hard time to get to the goal. FIFA 12 also provides the defenders with many like tools but that is not all the AI has been improved significantly and if you are not careful they will outright abuse you.
They have tried to make the gameplay as much natural as they can. Things are much less predictable this time and gives you a different experience when going against the ball carrier due to new physics engine. While keeping the possession of the ball is little easier when being tackled or attacked, sometimes it does feel that the possession is programmed. As far as the aerial game is concerned, it is still the same so particular changes has been made there. FIFA 12 looks pretty much good with new and improved tackling and much is anticipated regarding the game. The game will be hitting the markets soon in few weeks.

Remastering the masterpiece Resident Evil 4 in HD

Who can forget the epic game produced by Capcom called the Resident Evil 4, the game came out on PlayStation 2 and was original released for Gamecube. Since then we have not seen a game like that although the series has had more addition. Now Capcom is planning for a remake of Resident Evil 4 and HD (High Definition) remake and it will be available for the platforms like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
The story revolves around the secret service agent of US named Leon Kennedy as he meets his mission by rescuing the president’s daughter but during his mission he finds out that the villagers have been diseased with some kind of virus which is different from the previous undead zombies.
As far as the controls are concerned they are similar to what they were before, no changes in that and you will be doing all the thing such as “jump over” or “knock down” and the “push” to replace the objects  and things like that.
Same goes for the AI of the enemies, still they are smart enough to dodge your attacks, rush at you and grab you for physical assault.
The graphics has been augmented; a lot of work has been done, remodeling, texturing has been improved and so has the light effects which makes the game really a next-gen type, giving an awesome game with awesome graphics. Remastering of the master is happening as Capcom makes an HD version of Resident Evil 4. It will be an exciting experience for both the new and the all the time fans of the game.

PlayStation Vita to Launch on 12th November in Asia

There have been some rumors regarding the launch date of new PlayStation Vita. The rumors say that the new Sony device will hit the Asian markets in the mid of November, 12th of November while it will be launched in West launch on March 2012. GamaLive a French website suggested these rumors, saying that they have sources within the Sony HQ.
According to the website Japan and Honk Kong will be among the Asian countries that will be getting their hands on the new Sony PlayStation Vita on the 12th of November or somewhere near that date. Besides this PlayStation Vita will be distributed to other media outlets around the globe during the month of November.
Sony tends to increase its financial outcomes by launching PlayStation Vita in the Western market in the month of March 2012, by that time the running fiscal year would be at its end so it might become a good fiscal year for Sony.
The sources inside the Sony seems to be true as Sony itself alluded that PlayStation Vita will be revealed by the end of the current year in the Japanese regions and in the beginning of 2012 in different parts of the world.
Sony has been launching accessories in the past that are either exclusive to Japan or released early in Japan, still these are only rumors. Sony puts PlayStation Vita in the category of hardcore gamers who like to get awesome games with a lot of options along the some traditional controls.
The device comprise of touch screen at the back and an OLED screen in the front.


Simple Way to Get Rid of Jailbreak

This tutorial will help those who want to get rid of the jailbreak. Most of the people loved but there are few who after the jailbreak wanted their PlayStation 3 back to normal so it will be beneficial for them. You just have to follow some simple steps to get rid of jailbreak.

Before reverting PlayStation 3 jailbreak you first have to get into the Recovery mode.

For that you need to turn your PlayStation off, after doing this press and hold the power button your PlayStation will on and off again.

After this again press and hold the power button, you will hear a beep and after two successive beeps your system will automatically lead you to Recovery Menu. Use the memory stick and save Sony OFW in it after you are done plug in your wire controller in to the USB port.

Now use PlayStation’s USB port to plug in the memory stick, from there install the PlayStation 3 firmware and after that your PlayStation will be updated and gets back to normal.