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Leading Game Bloggers, Developers And Just Gamers On What They Like Most About Their Job

Gaming niche is very popular worldwide and we decided to make some expert roundup with different members of this niche. We had conversations with some popular gamers, game developers and game bloggers to tell you what each of them like most about games.



Armin Ibrisagic

I work as a PR Manager so I get to travel a lot to events and expos. which means I get to meet other friendly developers that share my passion for video games. I think that’s by far the best thing about being in the games industry. Not sure what more to say, I just really like video games, playing video games, and talking about video games. The fact that I can survive and pay my rent while doing it is even better.



Debbie Timmins

The variety of games that I get to see is simply incredible. I’ve played so many games that I wouldn’t normally risk buying and discovered some brilliant ones that I get to share with other gamers. I love analysing games to look at WHY they achieve what they do. Blogging lets me reach other people who enjoy doing the same.



Tim Oliver

The thing I like the most is the feedback. People like to reply back saying that after they read your blog, they were encouraged to try out what you were talking about, and were happy they did in the end. It lets you know your blog is actually out there, helping people, and it’s quite rewarding.



Emma Barnes

I run as a hobby rather than as a job which suits me just fine. I get to write about what I love without having to worry too much about “being professional”. I’m not a news blogger so don’t have to keeping my finger on the pulse of the industry. My readers like their little dose of the “retro” (are PS2 and GBA considered “retro” these days?!) in their lives and I’m happy to supply it. Being a games blogger allows me to look back at the great memories games have created for me (hence the title of my blog) and allows me to improve my writing style at the same time.



Chris Renshall

This is a two section answer.

Game Development Side:

The best part of being a game developer is the creative outlet game development provides. I have spent many years of my life looking for a hobby that I could get into and stick with for more than a month or two. It took me a while, but I found game design and I love it. Developing games makes perfect sense to the way my brain works. Game development is an art form that my analytical brain can grab a hold of and make a style of art that is something I am really proud of and want show to as many people who are willing to play our games. Game development, beyond the art form, is project management where I/we get to set all the rules. Yes, I am constrained by the production time for art, the physical game copies and the availability of play testers but I have the freedom to run multiple projects at one time, and work with multiple people. To me, the project management side of game development is a game. The game is to be as efficient as possible and to me that is fun. Lastly, I get to spend a lot of time with my friends because of game development. I co-design with a friend from my school days and we get to hang out and build our company into whatever we want it to be. Our strengths compliment each other very well and being able to work with someone with the same basic business goals and a skill set complimentary to mine is very rewarding. Plus, we get to bring our larger group of friends together to run alpha tests on our games. Since these are the guys that have been making fun of one another since we were in middle school, they can say whatever they want about the early problems with our games and there are no hard feelings and we know the feedback is genuine because our friends don’t feel bad for giving bad feedback the same way strangers are reluctant to vocalize. We also know that the good feedback we receive is coming from a reliable source that is willing to give criticism and praise.

Game Blogging Side:

When I started our blog, what I liked best was the fact that the act of writing a regular blog kept me on task with our own games. The idea that I wanted to write regular updates on our games meant that I needed to have something to write about. Writing a blog also forced me to focus more when we were working on our games because the more useful “bloggable material” I was able to extract from the times we were actually developing games, the more I had to write about. So initially, the best part was the unexpected focus writing a regular blog provided and being able to share the progress of our games.

Then I started to write a series about How to Build a Game and what I liked the most changed. I discovered that people actually got something out of our H2BaG blog posts. Based on comments and other forms of feedback, I started to get really excited when I would hear from readers and what they liked about our blog. What this has done is change my focus from getting motivation from sharing my projects, to being motivated to help others with theirs. Because of this, I have worked regular time into my week to get blog posts done and generate future ideas so I have plenty of material to write about in the future.

In conclusion, something I did not mention previously, is the social interaction both the development and blogging side provide. Being a game developer means you need to build a team and meeting new and talented people in the game industry is great fun. Being a blogger, you get to meet people who are on the same journey we are on. We share stories of accomplishment and challenges of the design process. The rewards from meeting new people on either the blogger or development side are plentiful and inspiring.



Lisa Hignett

My favourite aspect of being a game developer has to be the process of filtering many individual ideas and concepts for a game until they come together into fruition. Working with a team in an independent game company is so rewarding as everybody always has a unique idea on how a game should be developed; yet not all of them are necessarily worth executing. Good communication and great team morale are essential to narrow down the best ideas to develop an original title. You can spend many hours working on a game but only the titles with the most unique, risky ideas are memorable!



Beard Gamer

Essentially, BeardGamer intends to bring new fans to the hobby, and help them find new content and discover the work, reviews and videos of some incredible content creators across the globe. We wanted to build a place, a hub, where they could find a collection of great industry and player content with a comprehensive search function for hundreds of games linked to reviews, playthroughs and everything in between. I love games and this community, I just want to share that content and grow the boardgaming love and industry!


Razay Martin

I am the founder/owner of alienwolfstudios ,i am also a 3d artist. I love what i do because it allows me to explore my creative itch and im able to create anything i can put my mind to. Also because i can find others who love our games and see our artistic views. Its a pleasure to be in this business i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world.


Of course most people involved in this niche love games and that is the main reason why do they blog about games, develop games and play games.

If you are working in this niche and would like to be included too then contact us and we will include you.

Exploring LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Sea: The Videogame

Gold Bricks and Exploration

The game’s primary area is mainly made up of huge level select area but as you gain Gold Bricks you can access some new areas. From the level select area, you can:

•    Access the beach area by moving towards the camera
•    To obtain Minikit docks and building through the right hand gate spend 8 Bricks
•    To obtain a bar and a hut through the left hand gate spend 12 Bricks
After completing the Story mode there is still a lot more to do if you wish to complete the game 100%. By going through the level select areas again in Free Play mode, you will find each and every Minikit and compass items along with hitting each level’s True Pirate quota. These things are important as they help to earn Gold Brick. In total there are 84 Gold Bricks are available throughout the entire 20 levels:
•    As 1 Brick per level completed , by completing  each of the five levels on all four movie maps in the Story mode you get 20 Gold Bricks
•    By finding all 10 Minikits in each level you get total of 24 Gold Bricks, getting 1 brick after each movie’s Minikit dock.
•    By finding all the eight compass items in every level you get 20 Gold Bricks
•    As 1 Brick each level, you get total of 20 Gold Bricks from achieving the True Pirate quota.
After getting all 84 Gold Bricks, you now have access to a new special fifth area of the Port:
The Ride
After you collected all 84 Gold Bricks go through the left hand gate in the Port and there you find some gold buildable Lego pieces near the cannons. Open the golden gate nearby by building the structure out of those pieces and enter into The Ride.
You commence The Ride as Jack and Angelica in the Story mode. You can have characters or purchase Red Hats if still required by collecting tons of studs and clinging to what you can. Once you have taken down all the enemies you will require to confront Barbossa. The fight is pretty much simple, simply attack him as he draws near and then wait for him to retreat. After you have taken all the six of his hearts, the gate will unlock, hop into the boat by hitting the character button and continue.
Carry on to the next room; confront Maccus and Hadras along with some other enemies. After that you will face Davy Jones who will be more aggressive than barbossa. Once you have taken Davy Jones down another gate will open leading you to the final room. Hop into your boat again and keep moving.

The last room will lead you back to the Fountain of Youth. There you will face quite a few enemies before facing two distinct characters. Defeating random pirates and taking on Gunner and Quartermaster, you will find yourself facing Blackbeard. Just like Davy Jones Blackbeard will be aggressive and will not flee between the combos. Taken him down by six quick hits, hit the character button and jump into your boat.
By now you have beaten the level and as a reward you get 85th and the last Gold Brick. This helps you to visit The Ride in Free Play mode just in case if you are planning on to visit it with different character.
Ten custom characters can be created through the left hand gate in the Port. Using the Barrel Switch raise the bridge to the hut and move on to the second floor inside. Choose any of the characters and then use the character select screen to select them later.


In Okami you play a deity, the sun goddess Amaterasu, in a wolf form no less, on a quest to restore color to a blank and white world. Not your average videogame premise that’s for sure. Supernatural monsters are the cause of the world’s monochrome state, who must be defeated in order to relinquish their negative effect on the land. Being a divine being, a contingent of believers is a necessity and indeed, is the source of Amaterasu’s power in the game.

The greater the level of faith placed in Amaterasu by the game’s human beings, the greater her powers. Faith is fuelled by restoring color to the land and satisfying the desire of the people, though quite how this actually plays out is a mystery at this time. In fact, short of the button icons on the top right hand corner of the screen reminiscent of titles such as Beyond Good & Evil, much of Okami remains shrouded in secrecy. Okami deserves attention for its unique visual style, rapidly becoming a trademark of Clover Studio – just look at Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 for further examples.

Shadow of the Colossus

The story is rather simple. It follows the tale of a young boy and his horse as they try to take down 16 colossi to undo the death of young women whose relationship to the main character in unclear.
Clarity isn’t something this game is found of but, that is also a big part of its appeal. You really cant tell if you should or shouldn’t be killing the majestic creatures. They are both beautiful and deadly. And though some rather impressive artificial intelligence, they also seem full of life. They are lumbering giants that somehow connect to the player like a living animal world.
In this regard, Shadow of the Colossus is pure genius. The game is absolutely gorgeous to watch, with some of the best particle effect I have ever seen from the Playstation 2. Dust blinds your view, water spews from geysers in a spectacular display, and your blade cut a tunnel of light across the sky in artistic fashion. It truly is breathtaking.
Unfortunately, the gameplay is not nearly as tight as the rest of the package. While each colossus is a feet to the climb as you try to scheme your way from one side to the other, many portions of the gameplay are lacking. Most notable is the interaction between the players and the giant moving platforms that are the colossi. Basically, you have to hold onto the beasts as they try to kick you off. By holding the R1 you get a firm grip, but as the titan moves it forces odd camera angles, and your hold on it goes this way and that.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

I have always enjoyed playing Grand Theft Auto Games and San Andreas has been my all time favorite because of the storyline and  the features and the large amount of detail in the game. I eventually completed the game and then after realized that the game isn’t actually that hard. There are many missions that it would take some many attempts to complete but after a while you develop a technique and see that the missions aren’t that hard. The very last mission is not hard but you just have to be careful as there are a lot of people standing around that can easily target you. Overall I would give the game a 5 star rating as it has incredible detail and when you compare it to the game that was released before it Grand Theft Auto Vice City you see that the game has been improved immensely.

Armored Core 3 Hints II (PS2)

an AI simply known as “The Controller” and dictates nearly everything that goes on in this world. The two major corporations, Mirage and Crest Industries, fight for dominance and control over Layered’s land and assets. All is not right with The Controller however and odd things happen that might even go so far as to suggest that the logic system is failing…

Like Armored Core and Armored Core 2, you are given a trial mission to see if you are talented enough to join the mercenary group dubbed Global Cortex. New features within Armored Core 3 include consorts (additional allies that can be obtained to assist you in a mission), detachable weapons (thereby lessening your total weight and increasing speed), and a new Core classification; Exceed Orbit (EO) which sacrifices the power of Overboost and allows you to deploy a built-in, autonomous weapon on your Core.


Get any enemy

Buy a chaingun, then stand in one place and fire. You should kill the enemy very quickly.

Equip the fastest leg part (petal) and the machine gun with 1000 ammunition. In the battle arena, strafe around your opponents until they run out of ammunition. This takes time, but it works. You can also equip the best generator you can. Do not worry about AP, as they will not hit you that often.

To defeat literally anyone in the Arena (even Exile), equip the following parts and go to the reservoir. Immediately turn left and go as quickly as possible to the platforms sticking out of the reservoir wall. Try to use over-boost as much as possible. First, boost up to the lowest one, second from right, and from there boost to the next one, to the right. Once you land on that platform, turn on your extensions and blast away. If you are fighting Ace, he might land on your platform and shoot you or stand there and recharge his energy. He will probably fly up again and go out of bounds by flying too high. The recommended parts are as follows.
Seth Kursel.


full here

Master of Olympus – Zeus Cheats and Hints (PC)

zeusLike previous titles, Zeus focuses on the building and development of a city in ancient times, this time Ancient Greece. It features some changes to the Caesar III engine, most notably the new housing blocks, now dividing “common” and “elite” housing from the start, and more detailed walkers. (Wikipedia) CHEATS Press Ctrl + Alt + C, then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Codes +1,000 Drachmae Delian – Treasury Win current scenario after a few months – Ambrosia Strike specified location with fireball – Fireballs from Heaven Towers shoot cows – Bowvine and Arrows Dairy workers wear cheese costume – Cheese Puff Unlimited food – Fishy Sound effects – SoundFrags GAMEPLAY HINTS Shoot cows from the sky Enable the Bowvine and Arrows code followed by the Fireballs from Heaven code to shoot cows from the sky. Hero’s Hall Sometimes a Hero’s Hall must be built in certain places. For example, Theseus’ Hall needs to be built by the palace, surrounded by walls and have good appeal. On maps where space is at a premium this can be difficult to accomplish. To get around this, after you have filled the requirements to summon the hero, and while the hero is on his/her way to the city, you can demolish the hall and any of the structures you had to build to meet the requirements. Then, rebuild the hall anywhere that is connected to a road. The hero will not care and will serve your city as usual. source

7 Downloadable PSP Games Via Updated PSN

Sony’s PlayStation Store is not doing so great right now, when compared to the overcrowded Xbox Live, but we’re bound to see a change in the near future. Starting 2008 the PSN will be available on the PSP and PC, allowing gamers to access the latest games and transfer them to their
favorite consoles. 7 brand new PSP titles have also been announced and they’ll be made available via the new network.

These downloadable games include three action titles, two musical titles, a racing title and a shooter, suiting every gamer’s tastes. If you own a PSP, you’ll be able to access the new content with the aid of a Wi-Fi connection or through your PC connected via USB. Keep in mind that the new titles will be shorter than the usual UMD games, but we’ve seen blockbusters ranking high in game reviews, although they only took up 200MB of storage space.
Continue reading 7 Downloadable PSP Games Via Updated PSN

Elves and Fairies On Their Way to the PS2 This September – GrimGrimoire

-‘…GrimGrimoire arrives right on cue to offer gamers a magical world of sorcery, strategy and a mysterious tale…’

It’s official: GrimGrimoire has been dated for Europe. Koei today announced that the co-developed title by RPG specialists, Nippon Ichi and Vanillaware, will offer a spellbinding blend of sorcery and time travel, when it lunches across Europe, on September 28th, for the PlayStation 2. The publisher has revealed a bunch of details on the game too. Here they
are below:

GrimGrimoire follows a young girl called Lillet Blan on her first few days at a prestigious yet mystical magic school, says Koei’s description for the game. Having awoken on the fifth day to find everyone at the school has mysteriously vanished, she then finds herself returned right back to the first day of the term with her memories intact. Now she has an opportunity to relive the past five days all over again and discover just what happened to the school’s inhabitants and maybe prevent this terrible tragedy from happening all over again. Continue reading Elves and Fairies On Their Way to the PS2 This September – GrimGrimoire

PS3 and Xbox 360 – ‘The Bourne Conspiracy’ Video Game from Vivendi

– ‘Bourne’ is the only thing the video game ‘adaptation’ borrows from ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ movie

In case no one broke it to you, “The Bourne Ultimatum,” starring Matt Damon, grossed $69.3 million in its first weekend, delivering the biggest August opening ever, according to Wikipedia says something about $70.2 million, but given that the numbers are pretty close, I think it’s safe to say that it’s almost record breaking. Whenever this happens with a movie, game developers become restless and want to do a game based on that movie (naturally). No one seems to be “rushing” into this one though…

Except Vivendi Games that is… But as I said, they’re not rushing into doing the movie adaptation, but actually a game going by almost the same name, with a totally
different plot. According to the previously mentioned website, “…the one that Vivendi Games has up its sleeve for a mid-2008 release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is no ‘movie game,’ its developers insist.” Continue reading PS3 and Xbox 360 – ‘The Bourne Conspiracy’ Video Game from Vivendi