Sony has just confirmed that the PlayStation Neo and the PS4 Slim will be the last of the “upgrades” for the PlayStation 4, signaling the could be the end of the console’s cycle.

A PS4 Slim is on the cards despite the forthcoming PS4 Neo, according to financial chatter.

The rumour comes the said consoles are to be revealed at a game show in september.

Sony did not comment on the news, and the report does not make it clear whether it was just speculations or legit informations.

A September reveal seems likely, both for PS4 Neo and any PS4 Slim revision Sony may be planning.

Everyone’s getting pretty excited anyway, because it makes a fair bit of sense: a PS4 Slim makes sense as an answer to the Xbox One Slim. With its expanded capabilities,PS4 Neo is closer in philosophy (if not power) to the Xbox Scorpio.