You can now download games and play them on your Xbox360 with the help of extreme firmwares and it works for all the versions of Xbox 360. Are far as those games are concerned which you already possess, you just need to burn their backups, after downloading them. We are not responsible if anyone gets fined, arrested or deported.

You will require few things before starting off, you will need XBOX360 w/ extreme firmware update, a Clone CD Xbox 360 SS Merger 1.5o and DVD+R dual layered

First of all you need to download the game you wish to play from where you like but newsgroups is recommended as it works faster and is reliable for downloading anything. There are different types of rips so, before doing anything ensure the rip of the game. Straight rips are the one which have some problem and cannot be used yet but those which are patchable or are already patched work smoothly. This article will help you regarding patching and stuff. You can figure out what type of rip the game is by checking .nfo file that arrives along with most of the games.
The ones which cannot be used right now are the directly rips, currently it is impossible to handle them and are inadequate.
The second ones are the Extreme rips that requires patching, these are the ones which can be used but require patching according to the right .bin file before any use. You will get to know from where to access them and the method regarding patching the files later in this tutorial. Once patched burn the rip and you are good to go.

The last one is Extreme rips that are already patched. You don’t need to do anything with them. All of these three rips are found in .rar format, so download the rip, unrar it, burn and there you go. It’s the most efficient way.

First step: For the right working of the game requires the right patching of the game without which Xbox 360 will not be able to hold the game and for that you require Xbox 360 SS Merger 1.5o. Load ISO by opening the program, hit the yes button to verify the MD5, after few minutes you will get MD5 number. Now load the ss.bin file which comes along the game. Load it and if it shows both the boxes green and numbers matched then it means you patched the right file, it might take few minutes after that load the file.

Skip step 1 if you possess a already patched (pre-patched) ISO.

Second step: Open the clone CD, open it and copy the file then select the new ISO. You should not face any problem regarding its working.

To burn you will require Dual Layered DVD+R any format other than this won’t work and be sure to burn at 2x so that the game can easily be read, it’s pretty much important.

Third step: Run the game on your Xbox 360 and have fun, it is also compatible with XBOX Live.