Reggie lays down five promises and Revolution info

Nintendo’s executive VP of sales and marketing Reggie Fil-Aime stated in a recent interview he had five resolutions for the industry in 2006.

1) “keeping our eyes on the prize”
2) “keeping mass in the mass audience”
3) “stop turning away new players”
4) “to turn game development into a democracy of great ideas”
5) “improving the way consumers play and get into games”
That’s quite a large laundry list of resolutions, but how does he plan to accomplish these? Reggie maintains they’ll be keeping their eyes on the prize by putting out the “most entertaining products in the marketplace.” They’ll keep gamers in gaming by making sure the cost of their systems doesn’t shut out consumers by being “too exclusive and expensive.”
He also says Nintendo will stop turning away new players by trying to focus on a “wide range of consumers” instead of niche markets, using games like Animal Crossing and Nintendogs. Making game development a democracy? They’ll accomplish that with “affordable” game development costs on the Revolution.
Finally, they want to improve how we play games with more with the Nintendo DS and the Revolution and its controller.
He also makes some claims regarding the Revolution, not committing to a launch date other than 2006 or how many games will be available at launch. Still, he’s more than content claiming Revolution will sell more units in its launch window than Microsoft did with the Xbox 360. He even mentions the possibility of how one might make a football game for the Revolution, wherein the player would make the throwing motion like an actual quarterback.
Reggie sure talks a lot of talk, but there are still 336 days left in 2006 to see if Nintendo makes good on his word before they end up as Internet message board fodder for the escalating system fanboy wars.

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