Swinging for the Green Becomes a Hands-On Experience.

Imagine playing a golf video game that gives the same feel as swinging a club.

Not just mashing buttons or toggling a joystick, but really swinging through the ball to make it sail toward the green. True Swing Golf, launching Jan. 23 for Nintendo DS(TM), marks a new level of realism for a video golf game.
Beyond the hallmarks of a great golf game, such as 15 beautiful 3-D courses, character customization and upgradeable gear, True Swing Golf lets players use the touch screen of Nintendo DS to actually swing a stylus to launch their shots down the fairway. The touch screen accurately registers everything from powerful drives to delicate greenside approaches. Players can even angle their clubs to slice or hook the ball in either direction. The dual screens show aerial views and close-ups of each hole.
“This is a golf game that could not be played on any other system,” says George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. “As an avid golfer, this game has me muttering to myself as often as the real thing.”
The touch screen also allows players to access menus, switch clubs, change camera angles or send messages to other players. As players progress through the rankings, they earn money to buy better equipment to enhance their games. Just like on real-life courses, players can even make wagers with their in-game earnings against opponents. Whoever wins the round takes home the prize money. Up to four players can compete on the links, even if only one of them has a True Swing Golf game card.
Pros and amateurs alike can pick up True Swing Golf and tee off with ease. And because Nintendo DS boasts a long battery life, players can enjoy round after round, whether they’re on a plane, in a car or just relaxing at home (or in a business meeting).
True Swing Golf is Rated E for Everyone. For more information, visit www.trueswinggolf.com.

Note: Source: http://games.ign.com/