An American haker, known for breaking the security codes of the iPhone, managed to break the game console Sony Play Station 3.

PS3 is the only game console that was not hacked so far, although the market for three years.

Now may be used with pirated games and PS2 games. George Hotz, as we suspect, that the name would be novel, worked five weeks to break up, and now refined the technique to post, soon, the whole procedure on the net.

He says he is not yet ready to reveal all details of the process of breaking but 5% is hardware and 95% software.
“Honestly, I have never played on PS3. I have a game but I never played, “said hacker.
George Hotz became famous in 2007 when at 17 years managed to break iPhone security code, locked into AT & T. After hacking, the phone can be used on any network.