Epic’s Mark Rein sets record straight on PS3 confusion.
Yesterday 1UP ran a story about Unreal Tournament 2007’s much debated release date on PlayStation 3, where an alleged Epic Games producer said the game wasn’t scheduled for launch. Immediately, 1UP’s own users fired back that Epic Games VP Mark Rein said the opposite; the game would be at launch. To find out for sure, we asked him.

Rein went straight to the point. “Do you when the PS3 launch is? Neither do we,” he says. “But we know when UT2007 will be done: WHEN IT’S DONE! So the question of whether we’re a launch title or not is unanswerable because we don’t know if the PS3 will be out before we’re done or not.”
Sony stressed back in May of last year PlayStation 3 would ship this coming spring, but recent interviews suggest the company hasn’t decided whether that’s a simultaneous launch ala Xbox 360 or a single territory. In all likelihood, PlayStation 3 won’t show its face until next holiday season, but who wouldn’t love to be surprised?
Either way, the game’s headed to PlayStation 3, but until Sony says more, Epic Games is just keeping their head buried in work. “For now we soldier on with the plan to ship on PC as soon as we’re done,” says Rein. “Whether that means we can be a launch title for PS3 or not is inconclusive but we won’t ship the title on any platform before its done and it is too early to say when that will be.”
So, what’s the deal? Unreal Tournament 2007 will be at PlayStation’s 3 launch…maybe.

Note: Source: www.gametab.com