Countless stories can be told about this memorable game of the ‘90s where we were literally spending tens of hours trying to get the blue worms team over the read one. Hundreds of wars, millions of bullets and lots of napalm strikes have created this magnificent game where the worms are in an endless fight.

Most gamers player Worms while it was a game for many tastes among worldwide players, with simple rules, decent graphics and depending on how many folks are playing it is for those long-runners where one cannot get bored while decimating the enemy troops. As Chessmaster was re-designed and launched under different versions, so is the Worms Reloaded, a more polished and good looking game but not so different from Xbox Live’s Worms Armageddon. Basically, each combatant has now 45 seconds to consider his move and the simple goal of this game is to eliminate all opponent worms of different colours. If one will decide to play online this game, the rules are becoming more rigid in “Ranked” mode while worms cannot be changed during a battle, so it’s better for those strategists considering each and every move.

Some weapons are nowhere to be find in this version, some new ones have made their appearance, however the classic ones like Bazooka, Ninja Rope and Teleport are still here. New “tools” are Buffalo of Lies, Worship, magnets and many interesting others. The landscape is destroyable as in the previous versions and the fire and explosion looks much better now due to the higher resolution used in Worms Reloaded.

Team customisation has suffered some changes as well: along with assigning names for each member, for the entire team and the funny voices, the developers have also added hats to each and any team member, which strenghten the amusement of this game. Although this game is mostly created for multiplayer rounds, one can easily select the single player mode and play 35 missions, from skirmish to racing against time ones. Thus the first missions are really a piece of cake, by the time passes by and you advance through the final missions, full dedication is necesarily to have a chance against the evil AI.

As usual, Terrain Editor is simple and easy to use, but there are complains stating it would be great that saved maps to have the possibility of being shared online. However this not being a “pictures sharing” application, it’s enough that we are allowed to create maps and try to destroy the enemy worms while playing on our creation.

In the end, Worms Reloaded is not a revolutionary innovation but only like an add-on to the previous versions released in the past. The 3D versions of these series were all not so appreciated and by releasing a new 2D version more addapted to our times is more than welcomed among these series’ fans. A major plus would be the SteamWorks integration, a great step toward multiplayer organising.