Custom Robo, the wildly popular action game of mechanized melee from Japan, hits the U.S. in May 2004. Get ready to enter a world of hyper-tech weapons, holosseums, and heavy-barrel battles. Custom Robo puts you in the pilot’s seat of a state-of-the-art war machine in the not-too-distant future where crime and justice duke it out in virtual battlegrounds.

With the game’s powerful, innovative customization, you can construct your robot from the ground up using an enormous arsenal of over 200 parts and weapons, from guns to bombs, robo models and homing pods. Many weapons are freely available on the market, but some — deadly and highly illegal — can only be acquired in secret robo gambling rooms and from the hands of crime syndicates.

Key Features:

Role-playing Tutorial: Join the Steel Hearts bounty hunter squad, fight criminals, unlock powerful new parts and learn all the tips and tricks to becoming the Robo Commander to beat

Near-limitless Customization: With over 50 guns, 30 bombs, 30 homing pods, and 30 robo models, you can build a robo that fits your style and strategy

Holosseums: These digital domains are home to more than pretty scenery. Watch out for lava pits, conveyor belts, and ice

Real-time Combat: No turn-based action here. Robo battles are not for the faint of heart.

Bottom Line

With countless weapons combinations and dozens of holosseum environments, Custom Robo pulls the trigger on traditional platformers to bring players a dynamic, heart-pumping action title that’s never the same game twice.

Note: Source: Nintendo

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