The Horde guide can boast of being the first War craft leveling guides that became available online and the person who conceived it became popular due to the success he could achieve in speed leveling and through the guide gave the confidence to others that they too could scale such heights.

However, can that claim be taken at face value?

People who are conversant with leveling would be aware that the best way to do so is by questing. This is because the process of grinding is always slow and even if you can manage to play strongly in the AOE class, questing is the one that will give you quick results.

This process is especially advantageous for the experienced player as opposed to the newbie as they can link with nearby quests and get on with the job without the need to spend much time. A thorough expert at this can achieve even higher speeds and that is the advantage of questing.

This guide is positioned well for those who are above the ‘zone’ level but have not yet reached the ‘expert’ level. Some sections are indeed difficult and are good for those who are hunters as they can also level well on their own.

Of course some classes may find it difficult to cope up with the guide as they need to be prepared at a level that is specific. The good news is that it is not too difficult to grind and get to that desired level so that you are able to get the full benefits of the guide.

Some people who have not exposure to such guides are pondering and thinking as to how just knowing the quest will help. This guide makes use of map coordinates and therefore makes it easy for you to just link the dots to travel accordingly.

Since this Horde leveling guide has been conceived and written by an expert gamer in War craft who has demonstrated that he can conquer several servers with the speed as well as the fact that he holds the record for Horde leveling, this is worth purchasing as the video shows exactly how he is able to do it and looking at it, you will also be able to pick up the nuances.

This guide also comes equipped with clear illustrations and directions on how to take each step to level your Horde character. The map coordinates that have been provided ensure that you are not left feeling lost. The list of add-ons only serves to enhance the speed that is possible to achieve with regular practice.

This guide has also been updated for the Burning Crusade challenge and takes care of all the Horde races along with the starting zones. The guide also has provision for updates so that you do not have to spend anything extra to get to the 70 level.

The striking aspect of this guide is the 35 hours of video footage that clearly explains the Horde leveling steps and since the important parts are played in slow motion, you can know and see what is going on clearly.