The Amazing Diversity of Video Slot Machines

When Charles Fey, the ingenious San Francisco mechanic invented the slot machine over a century ago he didn’t know he has spawned a whole new – lucrative and entertaining – branch of the casino industry. Fey’s invention was ingenious, yet simple, and made gambling very easy. It didn’t need a dealer, it didn’t need assistance to make a payment, and it didn’t take up much space – as opposed to blackjack and roulette tables, popular at the time, that needed all of the above. But Fey would be even more amazed to see what his invention has become today – a game that makes millionaires every week and never ceases to entertain its fans.

Online slots are the games you should be playing at – or any other casino – not necessarily for money, but for entertainment. Slots are the games that are available for no money, play money and real money. They are very simple to use – they have not changed much since the first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, was built. Yet their variety has grown incredibly in the last few decades, making them not just one of the most popular, but also the most diversified games in existence.

The first major step toward the slot machine becoming what it is today was the building of the first video slot back in the mid-1970s. When the physical reels were replaced by simulated ones on a screen a whole new world has opened in front of developers. Since then they could add animations, side games, music and any sound effect they wanted to the game, making it even more entertaining – and let’s face it, even more addictive. Today there are thousands of slot machine variants available both in land-based casinos and online ones. Sometimes the two worlds mingle – the same games are running on video slot machine cabinets in Las Vegas and on people’s PCs, laptops or smartphones through online casinos.

But the thing that made modern slot machines the most popular was the promise of a huge win – a jackpot. Jackpots have been use as incentives to play the slots for decades, but the possibility to connect more slot machines into a network – on a casino floor or across a series of online casino operations – has given the jackpot a new life. Jackpots are bonus amounts which grow with each spin on the game. Now imagine hundreds of slot machines all over America – or all over the world in case of online casinos – interconnected in a huge network, each spin contributing to a dream jackpot! It is the stuff of dreams – and it can turn a life around if won! No wonder slot machines are so popular – they are exciting, entertaining, and they can make you richer than you could ever imagine…