Are you up for the challenge? Spend 41 weeks on the campaign trail, serving as a campaign manager for a presidential candidate. In an effort to secure a spot in the Oval Office, you must secure the greatest number of electoral votes and utilize the various facets of political strategy. Establish a campaign network, build capital, deliver speeches, buy advertising, fund-raise, and make appearances on national TV news programs in your efforts to master the political machine.


Experience the presidential campaign as an insider: With a strategic model based on data collected from surveys, exit polls, and the 2000 U.S. Census, The Political Machine gives users a realistic look at today?s current issues and politicians by political party and by geographic location.

??? for president: Players can design their own candidates based on a dozen different characteristics, or use existing political candidates such as George W. Bush, John Kerry, and dozens of historical politicians including Ronald Reagan and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Be a media darling: Create awareness by making media appearances and being interviewed on national news programs such as Barry King Live, 60 Seconds, The O?Malley Factor, HardHitter hosted by Bill Mathens, Barbara Sawyer, and

Raise your clout with 10 special interest groups: Win endorsements from special interest groups including the National Gun Owner?s Association, the Environmentalist?s Club, the National Association for Women, the Christian Confederation, and the U.S. Chamber of Business.

Political operatives and political activists: Utilize political operatives such as the Media Darling and the Money Man, or enlist activists like the Scandal Monger. Beware of the Time Waster and other activists that may hurt your campaign.

Four game modes: Four different game modes allow the user to choose from Quick Play, Campaign Play, Fantasy Play, and multiplayer modes.

Single-player and multiplayer capabilities:The Political Machine is both a single-player and a multiplayer game

Note: Source: UBISoft