There have been some rumors regarding the launch date of new PlayStation Vita. The rumors say that the new Sony device will hit the Asian markets in the mid of November, 12th of November while it will be launched in West launch on March 2012. GamaLive a French website suggested these rumors, saying that they have sources within the Sony HQ.
According to the website Japan and Honk Kong will be among the Asian countries that will be getting their hands on the new Sony PlayStation Vita on the 12th of November or somewhere near that date. Besides this PlayStation Vita will be distributed to other media outlets around the globe during the month of November.
Sony tends to increase its financial outcomes by launching PlayStation Vita in the Western market in the month of March 2012, by that time the running fiscal year would be at its end so it might become a good fiscal year for Sony.
The sources inside the Sony seems to be true as Sony itself alluded that PlayStation Vita will be revealed by the end of the current year in the Japanese regions and in the beginning of 2012 in different parts of the world.
Sony has been launching accessories in the past that are either exclusive to Japan or released early in Japan, still these are only rumors. Sony puts PlayStation Vita in the category of hardcore gamers who like to get awesome games with a lot of options along the some traditional controls.
The device comprise of touch screen at the back and an OLED screen in the front.